our 2am run in with the popo

Even though Kevin and I have been blessed by an amazing sleeper of a baby, we still love us some zzz’s and take every second of sleep we can.

Noah does wake up twice a night for his night time feedings but besides that when we are out – we like to be out.

We both are very light sleepers but besides the random sleep eating attack or random pug cat rumble it is quiet around here and there really isn’t anything that we have to worry about waking us.

So imagine our surprise/confusion/shock when we were woken up by a police officer pounding on our door at 2am last week.

I woke up to see Kevin, across the room with his hand out to me to be quiet. To say I was confused is an understatement. I surveyed the room, Noah was ok, pugs were ok, so what was going on. Then I heard the pounding on our front door. My heart jumped out of my chest, I grabbed Noah and Kevin ran down stairs. Who would be pounding on our door at 2am? Humphrey and Maggie ran after Kevin ready to back him up and kick some booty.

I looked outside to see a police car parked in front of our house. Ok, well that couldn’t be good, I thought.

I walked down stairs to calm the pugs and attempt to understand why exactly there was an armed police officer patrolling my yard and one talking to my husband.

Apparently their 911 call center had picked up several 911 calls that had noise on the line but kept disconnecting – from our house.

Problem is, we weren’t calling them. They explained that the GPS system they use tracked the calls to our house but may have gotten it wrong but they just wanted to come out to check on us.

I was glad our house wasn’t on fire or someone hadn’t jacked up our cars but I was still a little freaked out about this 911 thing.

Immediately my mind flashed to the movie “When A Stranger Calls”…..when the girl calls 911 to track who keeps calling and harassing her while she is baby sitting and they say “the call is coming from inside the house.” Gah!

Ok, ok, I do realize that an intruder would most likely not call 911 repeatedly from our house none the less that movie = eeby jeeby central.

So then my mind flashed to all of those mind torturing, oddly addicting dateline crime specials I watch while stuffing nutella sundaes down my throat. The nutella + ice cream soothe my wacked out emotions caused by watching scary ridiculous programs. I always tell myself I will be ok watching these shows and I never am and have to do things like pull the shower curtain back before I go pee for a week after watching them – you know in case there is a killer in my shower.

Please refer to the following excerpt from a blog on hyperbole and a half, to understand my relationship with scary programs.


The other night, I randomly decided that it would be a good idea to watch a horror movie.  For some reason, I thought that everything would turn out okay even though I hadn’t watched a horror movie in years exactly because nothing is ever okay after I  watch a horror movie. But on that night, for no particular reason, I felt like I could handle it. 

Immediately after I turned off the TV, a feeling of apprehension welled up inside of me. I could feel my psyche organizing what I had just seen into a highlight reel that will be freely embellished by my own imagination and then called upon to torture me for the rest of my life. It will be dredged up over and over, turning innocuous everyday occurrences into terrifying threats against my survival. Every noise that is not immediately identifiable will make me think that there’s something in my house that is trying to kill me.

I know that this is what will happen because it has happened before. In hindsight, there was absolutely no reason to believe that it would not happen. But for some unknown reason, I ignored a lifetime’s worth of cautionary evidence and pranced merrily onward into the unavoidable consequences.


I am pretty sure that Allie, the genius behind hyperbole and a half, wrote this about me or we were seperated at birth…anyways, I digress.

I was trying really hard to figure out why in the world would 911 calls be coming from our house. I asked the officer was it the general area or our house? He said it was tracked every time to our house. Great, I was now at panic critical mass. I freaked. Was there some sort of victim laying in our back yard calling 911? What is happening!?

The cop assured me it was nothing and they patrol our street all the time at night so there was nothing to be worried about and this sort of thing happens all the time.

The cops left after checking everything out and Kevin and I stood there staring at each other very confused.

We didn’t go back to bed. Noah was wide awake. I was having a slight full blown mental break down and Kevin was all adrenalin-y.

I told a couple of people the next day about our 2am wake up call and some of them remarked how upset they would be. I was thankful, yes we got woken up but what if there had been a problem – what if there was a killer in my shower?!

Any ways…Kevin and I haven’t had any more wake up calls, all the neighbors are all ok, we both got a nap in the next day and there wasn’t a killer in the shower so all is good.

Minus the fact that every noise I have heard this week has spured a minor mental break down and a nutella sundae frenzy in our house.

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3 thoughts on “our 2am run in with the popo

  1. again .. you are so my daughter lol… the first thing that came to my mind as you told me what happened was When a Stranger Calls…….. HE IS IN YOUR HOUSE!!!! its a wonder you got any sleep at all….. but I agree.. thanks to the police for making sure you were ok… maybe their GPS needs work???

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