freddy vs jason (the teall edition)

Me: Oh no. This can’t be good. Creepy music…red and black fog during the starting credits…

Kevin: Turn the channel, why are you doing this to yourself. You know it is a scary movie.

Me: Maybe it’s not.

(Friday the 13th pops up on the screen)

Kevin: Give me the remote.

Me: Oh God! I hate this, now I feel like Freddy Krueger is in our house!

Kevin: Wrong movie.

Me: No… Friday the 13th is Freddy right?

Kevin: Friday the 13th is Jason. You know, hockey mask, machete.

Me: Oh. I am not scared of him.

Kevin: Oh really? Why is that?

Me: Because I have seen the Jason movies and I would never put myself in the situations that Jason kills people in. I don’t walk around in the woods at night, go to creepy summer camps or go out in canoes by myself. Who goes to a summer camp where people get murdered ALL the time?!

Kevin: But you would put yourself in a situation where Freddy would kill you?

Me: Um, hello! It is called sleep!!!

Kevin: Jason was a real person…Freddy is a monster. Monsters are not real.

Me: It doesn’t matter now, I am scared.


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