the tooth of the matter.

So the time is upon us….Noah has started teething.

His two bottom front teeth have decided it is time to join the party.

He is handling two sharp little teeth shooting through his gums as well as you could expect.

He has been extra fussy and extra cuddly (allergic to being put down) lately.

He is chewing on anything and everything to attempt to sooth his pain, one time Humphrey’s tail almost became teething game. Mostly he just takes his bink out and turns it around to chew on the little nub on the back side…I would have never thought of that, again genius baby.

He has been doing really well with the basics, Tylenol, chewing on cold things and gnawing of my fingers.

He isn’t really a fan of teething rings, the best tool I have found is chilling his bink in the freezer or freezing a little breast milk in tip of the bottle or freezer the tip of a dap knotted towel and letting him numb on that.

The worst part about it all, I know it is only going to get worse (hello molars!). It already breaks my heart seeing his little fingers curled in his mouth and his cheeks covered in tears trying to chew out some relief.

Seeing as how our little guy is racing to be a big guy there is something I just can’t decide on. Solid food.

I have read every book, every article and even trusty Dr. Sears has left me confused.

Everything that I have read says you can start rice cereal at 4 months but babies get all they need from breast milk for the first 6 months of their lives but if they are teething, doubled their weight and are chewing and still hungry after feeing you can start.

Noah meets all of those, he still wants more milk when there is none to be had and lord knows he is teething and he has more than doubled his weight. I am just not crazy about introducing something foreign into his diet like cereal since “breast is best”.

So I ask you mommies when did you start your babies on cereal or solid food? Any amazing tips to help my little teether?

Noah gets his second round of shots (so help me God, I am already having a mental breakdown over this) at the end of this month and we will be asking his doctor but I just wanted to get some advice before hand!

Hopefully all of you mommy goddesses will have some tricks up your sleeves to help a mommy out!


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