month 4.

Dear Noah,

Every time I sit to write your monthly letter I struggle to put into words how much meaning, joy and happiness you have filled the month with. I try to pick and choose milestones for your letter but it is so hard because everything is a “big thing” to me.

The biggest thing this month is just how big you are.

You are growing up so fast, I love every milestone you reach and want you to grow up so fast but part of me misses that bundled up brand new baby that I spent hours gazing at in the hospital dreaming of these milestones.

This month you have decided you are ready to grow up. Bring on the teething…standing…sitting…moving…babbling…attitude and trouble…it is like you are 4 months going on 4 years old.


You love to stand. If we lay you down, you pull your body into a little ball trying to sit up. You don’t stop until we give you our fingers and then you pull up and stand straight up. It is adorable but it is already making me afraid for when you can walk…your dad and I were both early walkers…we are in trouble! When I hold you in my lap you stand straight up by grabbing my shirt, arms and sadly my hair.

This month you rode in the stroller like a big boy. You loved it. You were so excited that you wore yourself out half way through the walk.

You have started to hold your bottle, not all the time but you are working on it! This month I have been pretty sick and had to go on some serious medication and had my own little dairy farm going on trying to back up my milk supply for you for a week. I was worried you would care about being strictly on the bottle but instead you took it like a champ.

why are you taking a picture of me eating mom?

You have crawled, only a little but you are determined! We can’t keep you on your back. You almost always roll right over and start your fight to crawl. You squiggle, wiggle, and stretch until it results in forward movement. You only have a few little crawl spurts in you and then you squawk in anger and I pick you up, lay you down, you roll over and you start it all again. During the day I lay out a two queen sized comforters for you to play on and by the time I pull up my hair or blink I have to jump to stop you from rolling on the hardwood floor.

You are teething too! Holy drool. You chew on anything and everything. My finger, the couch, the blanket, your toys you even tried to teeth on Humphrey when he got too close once! Your favorite teething toy is your bink. You take it out of your mouth and chew on the little nub on the back of it, I never would have thought of again are a genius. Getting a good picture of you is pretty difficult now that you are teething. There are only a handful of minutes when you don’t have your hands in your mouth or you are feeding!


Speaking of things in your mouth….you love to eat your feet. When you aren’t eating them you are holding on to them. This month you replaced your love of the curtain rod with love of your feet.

You’ve got some lungs on you too! Thank you to your vaccinations you have learned how to really scream. The kind of scream that makes my hair stand on end and all of my instincts kick into overdrive, when I am in the other room I don’t think my feet even touch the ground running to you when you shriek, thanks to our reactions to this new found octave you use it for everything. You sound like a mechanical pterodactyl (that is the hardest word in the world to spell, I had to try three times before spell check even understood what I was getting at). I am board = SCREECH! I am really, really happy = SCREECH! I hate the way the pugs look = SCREECH! I am hungry = SCREECH! Then you laugh and give us a look like “got your attention didn’t I?”. Good lord you are going to be trouble.

You have started to sit up. You are still very wobbly but sit up pretty well! You love to watch the world and you can’t do it laying down so I am not surprised you are so set on sitting up!


just woke up and ready to sit up!



You think things are funny. Like when we tell the pugs to stop barking. When dad stubs a toe or bumps into things (which is pretty regular around here). You crack up when I brush my teeth in the morning. You loose it when Humphrey licks your toes and when he takes off after you grab ahold of him or try to poke his eye out.

You love to love. You have started to appreciate being held. At night you want to be held and read to and lay your head on either daddy or I’s chest, in the mornings daddy always gets you from your bassinet and brings you to bed and you squirm and cuddle close to me with one arm stretched across my chest, just to make sure I wasn’t going anywhere. When daddy gets home from work you grin ear to ear and when he picks you up you grab his face and nuzzle into it.

You are becoming you. It is so amazing to watch.  I love getting to know you as you get to know yourself.

Thank you for making my life so perfect.

Love you big time, my big little guy.




3 thoughts on “month 4.

  1. Congrats!

    It’s a trip. A great one at that. I still love watching my kids just so absorbed with the world. It makes me feel young again when I see their fascination with everything new to them. I can’t help but reminisce and miss being so excited about the world. Enjoy him.

  2. It’s funny, each month I read these letters and could write a
    “Dear Dominique” letter, explaining all the wonderful “Mommy milestones” you have reached … and how they overwhelm me with such love. What you are feeling never ends…. it changes… but its always this love that will remain beyond words. I have loved watching you become Noah’s Mommy..and whew.. there definitely are no words to describe my love for Noah…. as for Noah… he has filled all of our lives with such love .. I love the picture of him and Kevin …so happy to see Daddy home from work. As for the attitude photo….. I wonder where he could get such attitude lol … (just know he sure has his Mommy’s eyebrows …) <3<3<3

  3. This post is the highlight of my day …….Thanks. That little dude is awesome ans i can’t wait until he truly understands how much i Love him.

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