our house pwned us.

Kevin and I love our home and love being homeowners but definitely miss being able to call a landlord to take care of the sticky business of being a homeowner (ie when it starts raining in your living room).

Kevin and I dreamed of living in the neighborhood we live in since we were in our sophomore year of high school. We knew we wanted an old house, we didn’t want cookie cutter new construction and we wanted a home we could make our own. Check, check and check.

So we bought our 105 year old fixer upper. The house cupid struck us. We saw the home of our dreams through the purple floral wall paper and neon green basement. Removing purple burber carpet and painting wasn’t a big deal. We knew we could handle that stuff. We got a home inspection when we bought the home and were assured we had made a good investment.

Little did we know the “dry basement” guarantee we got from our home inspector must have come with the side note *only when it isn’t raining. Who knew dry basement meant your own personal basement swimming pool anytime it sprinkles or snow melts. When I say pool I kid you not. I mean 2 to 3 feet of water. Ice cold scary, spidery, possibly electrifying water. Fun fact of the day: Spiders are even scarier when wet. We have gone through about 10 sump pumps since moving in 3 years ago.

Who knew that the electrical deemed safe would end up blowing out in 5 different sockets, light fixtures and our garbage disposal. When I say blow out I mean sparks fly out of the wall when you try to use it kind of blow out if you don’t undo the fuses. Oh and we need a new main line and panel for our house apparently. Yip-freaking-ee.

Who knew the roof we were told was in good condition and would not need replaced for at least 5 – 8 years would all of the sudden spring a leak which in one day would go from a small drip to a full on down pour in our living room during our record breaking rainfall this week. Oh plaster ceiling how I loath you.  After calling a roofer we discovered we couldn’t just patch it…we needed a whole new roof. Ouch.

These are all things we are battling now with our house. Things that make us cringe at the starry eyed 21 year olds who bought this house.

These are all things we couldn’t control and have to deal with. Then there are the things we could control and didn’t know any better.

Like our fence. I had always dreamed of a white picket fence. Little did I know we were going to live next to people with dogs who aren’t kept on a leash. These dogs not only could hop our fence with ease but regularly run all over our yard pooping and terrorizing our home. They have broken our front screen twice and hate our pugs. So letting the dogs out with a baby on my hip is not something I can do. A couple of years ago one of their dogs bit me and this past July Kevin and I were finishing our walk with Noah in our carrier and their small dog ran up and tried to snap at Noah’s feet but I held him up in the air. Risking the pugs and Noah isn’t an option so that big back yard we dreamed of goes unused. I really wish we could stick a 6 foot tall privacy fence all around our home. There is nothing like mowing your yard only to step in german shepard poop the size of your foot – WHEN YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A GERMAN SHEPARD! In hindsight I wish we would have spent the extra 5 bucks a panel and dropped the “white picket fence” dream for a dream that didn’t involve german shepard poop and a fear of your baby/pug’s face being ripped off by wild domestic dogs.

Then there are the projects. Oh the projects. Why in God’s name did we start forty thousand projects and only finish completely about….four. Thanks to young house love and HGTV ideas and projects filled our heads and our distain for pastel pink and teal bathroom tile drove us to at least knock it out so we didn’t have to look at the seafoam and princess pink every day. Then we realized oh…we have to put something back up…oh wait WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO TILE! Having a husband who works 60 hours a week and a 4 ½ month old doesn’t leave a lot of time (or energy) to work on the house.

I hate to complain. Hello – we own a house, in our dream neighborhood, we have done so much and come so far! I am thankful and lucky. But in good faith of writing this blog honestly I can’t just pretend our 105 year old house came without its share of ups and downs.

We have learned SO much, for example we now know how to tile (now if we could just find the time!).

We have a lot of project tied up but sometimes if we sit and think about needing a new roof and within the next year a new electrical line and panel. Very NON diy projects…you know if you like being alive….um hello anxiety attack. We are planners and when things like this happen and you see financial (i.e. a car to pay off, bills to pay, savings and oh a BABY!) and life plans go up in smoke it is a little disheartening.

It is all a live and learn experience. We truly love this house. This is the house we want to raise our family in. This is the house of our dreams. Sometimes we just wish we had a magic wand, a money tree or our very own live in Nate Bertkus.

ps. oh for those of you like me who didn’t realize what it means….pwned.

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2 thoughts on “our house pwned us.

  1. Every house comes with their own laundry list like this, don’t feel too over whelmed! Our roof did the same thing. It sucks but like you said at least we have homes to live in!

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