shot through the heart: part two.

This week Noah got his second round of shots.

His doctor asked me how torn up about it I was, probably noting my death drip on Noah and my insesant nervous figiting. Kevin laughed and said all I had been doing is worrying.

He asked how long I had been so worked up and I said well his last shots were two months and two days ago…so I have been dreading today for two months and two days.

He laughed and said I was a good mom and that his wife did the same thing. Thanks doc but that wont make it hurt him or me anyless!

Before the shots came the exam.

They weighed, measured and checked him out.

He is in the 50th percentile for weight, the 90th percentile for head circumference and the 97th percentile for length!

His doctor looked up and joking (but seriously) asked where he gets his height from. I am a whoping 5 foot 3 and Kevin comes in at 5 foot  11. We aren’t the tallest people but we have a long lean string bean of a baby. Kevin always says we have a skinny one year old because he is so long!

He then tested out his development.

He got out his chart and checked off all his developmental milestones to month 8! He just needs to crawl on his hands with his tumm off the ground, walk and talk and he will have hit all his first year possible milestones! He told us he normally gives the “rolling over” speech at this visit but since Noah was rolling all  over and crawling on the exam table he said it seemed like we were ready for the child proofing talk.

After Noah got the thumbs up from the doctor it was time for the shots.

His appointment was in the late morning when we usually take a walk and he takes a nap…he didn’t care that we chose to be off his schedule, he was still on it and ready for a nap.

He fell asleep in Kevin’s arms and when the nurse came in he placed Noah on the table and he curled into a little ball on his side with his binky and pulled the tissue paper on the table around him like a blanket.

(insert major heart breakage here)

The nurse tried to wake him and he just rolled to the other side.

She looked at us and said, “I can’t do this! He is too sweet!”

He woke up a little when she swabbed his leg and Kevin held his hands and I held him and she gave him the shots.

He cried. That cry that turns your blood to ice and makes a pit in your stomach.

It was all over in 30 seconds. It felt like 30 minutes.

He cried for a minute. Then sadly babbled and whimpered about it while we held him and got him dressed.

Then he was out.

All that crying and nap interrupting resulted in a very, very long deep sleep.

I am so thankful that this visit has gone as well as all the others and we are lucky enough to have such a happy, healthy, wonderful (long) baby.

Oh how I love our little string bean.


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