first family football game.

This past weekend we for the first time as a family of three attended our first NFL game.

Last week a contest popped up on my facebook news feed. All you had to do was submit a picture of you and your friends or family that related to our favorite football team, the Cincinnati Bengals.

5 years ago Kevin and I could afford a honeymoon due to all of the cancer treatments I had right before we got married. After the wedding my parents surprised us with a honeymoon at home basket. Gift certificates to all of our special places that meant something to us and tickets to a Bengals game.

So I made a sign that said WHO DEY Honeymoon! And we drove our car covered in just married scribble all over down to Cincy, froze our butts off and had the time of our lives. The who dey honeymoon was a hit, especially with the more inebriated fans. We had such an amazing time. It may not have been a cruise, there was no sand, spa or waves crashing at our feet but we felt normal. For the first time in months were weren’t at a doctors appointment, we weren’t dealing with radiation and we didn’t have to worry about planning the wedding. It was perfect.

We only took a handful of pictures at the game but right before we left the crowd behind us saw our sign and insisted that they take a picture for us with our sign – I am so glad they did!

5 years later I entered that photo in a contest and we won tickets to this past Sunday’s game. Just this time instead of a sign we had a little Bengals fan in our hands.

We didn’t know where our tickets were going to be, we were just told to go to will call to pick them up. Kevin grabbed them at will call and said they changed their tickets and they are huge. I grabbed them and saw they were club tickets.

We weren’t sure what that meant until we couldn’t find our seats and when we asked on of the stadium workers where our section was and he guided us to the club house.  Oh-em-gee.

These seats, the view, the environment… has now been ruined for me. The seats were freaking padded. We had a waiter for crying out loud! I was more relaxed than I am at home watching a game!

Our view!

There were gourmet chefs, an indoor area to hang out in with big screen tv’s a bar and shops. Football wife heaven. Oh and the bathrooms….clean, pretty and smelled wonderful and NO lines.

Looking down at the players

To boot, our luck from winning had run out apparently. A man came up to us at the end of the first quarter and gave us his 50$ club card to get food and what not since he had to leave the game because he said Noah was so adorable! (Noah thanks for being so cute!)

Noah kept trying to get the tiger off the table of the club house.

Speaking of Noah, I was so worried about bringing him to the game. I was worried the people around us would think we were a buzz kill bringing a baby to a game. But it was the exact opposite. Noah created more of a buzz then by the Bengals actually winning the game. He got so excited every time the crowd got excited, was enamored with the jumbo tron screens, loved all the players running around on the field and was a big fan of daddy acting like an idiot and jumping up and down screaming for his team.

The first time the crowd cheered, Noah's wtf face.

paying close attention to the end of the game

The game was amazing, Kevin was so excited. He and I accepted we weren’t going to be able to go this year and to be able to go for free 5 years later was such amazing…the only thing more amazing was the fact that the Bengals won! What a rare treat! (Kevin don’t kill me when you read that 😉 )


2 thoughts on “first family football game.

  1. I remember when Brian and I were putting your “honeymoon basket” together…. and the looks on your faces opened it…. and now
    the Littlest Bengal’s Fan has gone to his first game! I love the photos, maybe one of these photos will win next time .. <3<3<3

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