month 5.

Dear Noah,
This month went by so quickly and with it you again are leaps and bounds ahead of where we thought you would be.
This month has been all about discovery for you.
Since you are so mobile with your little crawl, army crawl as your dad puts it we can’t keep you in one spot for too long. You want to be a part of everything.
You want to figure everything out. You are grabby, grabby, grabby. What’s mine is yours these days – not by choice. It is often a struggle to hold you in one arm and brush my teeth or have my morning coffee now without you trying to make me share with you.
In fact eating around you is near impossible. You protest and grab at our food like we forgot to make you a plate (even though you eat before we do). Going with your “go, go, go” attitude your doctor suggested we start adding solids to your diet this month along with your regular feedings. You hate apples, bananas and peaches but LOVE sweet potatoes – lets see how long that keeps up!
Humphrey enjoying the fact that you haven’t mastered your table manners, he likes sweet potatoes almost as much as you!
Your all time favorite food so far…rice cereal mixed with milk. Your face lights up and you try to take the bowl and push it in your mouth. You angrily chirp if I don’t have the spoon full and ready to go before you have swallowed your last bite.
This month you are more like a little boy than a baby. You love to play. This month we took you to the park for the first time not really expecting you to care much for it, we were so wrong. Daddy took you down the slide and you were hooked. We played on the slide for over an hour. You giggled and squealed each time we scooted down with you on our laps.
You have a best friend and it is adorable. Your dad. Everytime your dad comes home you grin ear to ear and wiggle with excitement. You nuzzle into him when he picks you up and babble to him, almost like you are telling him about your day. This isn’t just reserved when dad gets home from a long day at…it is whenever dad comes into a room. Anything from coming back from the store to coming back from the bathroom you cheese it up whenever dad is around. It melts my heart.

You & Dad mean mugging me.

best friends

I can’t tell you what a complete joy you are to be around. It’s a ton of work, this parenting thing, but the rewards are many.
Every day I try to teach and show you new things, but much to my surprise, you’ve returned the favor. If I stop and pay attention, you offer little lessons about life that everyone needs to be reminded of once in a while. Like never giving up when you try something new and loving honestly.
I knew the day I met you that you were going to forever change the course of my life, but I had no idea how completely you would become a part of it. Some days I can’t believe you’ve been with us for five months, and other times I can’t remember what life was like without you.
I just keep thinking it really can’t get any better than this.

our long and lean sleeping string bean.

We are so lucky Noah. You are so wonderful. You are smart, healthy and to us (and I am sure everyone else) perfect.
I am just in awe of you — everything you’re learning and mastering, the way you’re growing, how easygoing and agreeable you are.
When we’re hanging out as a family, sometimes I look at your dad and say, “I can’t believe we created a person.”
Without fail, he always responds the same way.
“And he is amazing.”
Don’t ever forget that.

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