The great Christmas tree debate.

Me: I want to put up our tree.

Kevin: Please tell me you are not talking about a Christmas tree.

Me: What other kind of tree would I put up?

Kevin: I don’t know I was being hopeful that maybe you found a ficus tree or something.

Me: How do you even know what a ficus tree is and don’t be a Grinch!

Kevin: It is the first week of November…take it easy. Christmas is two months away.

Me: It is less than 60 days away! That is less than 60 days to ENJOY our tree! For Noah to enjoy his FIRST Christmas tree!

Kevin: Guilting me over Christmas…really?

Me: Christmas guilt is different than regular guilt, it is ok when used to spread cheer.

Kevin: It isn’t even Thankgiving yet.

Me: November is the month of thanks and I am thankful for Christmas! Don’t fight this you know I am going to win.

Kevin: No, in fact I know you won’t win.

Me: Why?

Kevin: Because our Christmas tree is in the basement won’t even go in the basement..that tree isn’t going up until I get it. I can wait as long as I want to get the tree.

Me: I will just buy a new tree from Target. And the tree we just bought last year can be our cellar Christmas tree.

Kevin: Fine, I know your love of Target and Christmas combined will conquer me. I will get it this weekend.



One thought on “The great Christmas tree debate.

  1. This post has so much Christmas spirit that it’s contagious! Now I want to put up my tree! lol

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in sharing your articles with other like-minded parent bloggers? If yes, please email me at with Parents in the subject line.


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