Mommy review: CPtoys

I have been in the hunt for some creative Christmas gifts to add to the ones Santa has coming for Noah under the tree.

I have been working with the elves on a few things inspired through pinterest but I wanted to get him a few toys that weren’t only fun and exciting but educational too.

Noah is at that age where every second of every day is about learning. To encourage his development we have been searching for educational toys but everywhere Kevin and I looked we could only find rattles and stuffed toys or educational toys for ages +3.

At my local mommy meet up I asked about a place where I could find educational toys for kids and another mom told me about She just moved to the area but use to go to their store when she lived in Chicago and now shops online.

It is perfect! They have educational (fun) toys for every age group, including INFANT!!

I think the best thing about their selection is each infant toy will grow will Noah as he gets older. The hardest part about buying toys for an infant is the usually grow out of them in a month or so but these toys are made to entertain and challenge his development as he grows.

From the play mats to the blocks I am in love and will certainly be turning to them for Noah!


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