Sometimes you just have to get your butt wet.

Today could have been bad.

Noah hasn’t been sleeping well, it might be teething but I think it is a routine flip flop. Noah came down with a mild ear infection and couldn’t lay down for a couple of nights so Kevin and I both took turns for the better part of a week rocking him, feeding him and comforting him through the night. After that little super cuddle feel better fest he got use to this new really awesome for him (not so awesome for sleepy parents) sleep routine.

He has been getting better over the past two weeks but he is still waking up more than when he was a newborn (ps I still can’t believe he isn’t a newborn!).

So I have been tired. Like REAL tired. Like I feel more like a zombie than a human and some days I am convinced I am dying and that something must be really wrong with me because I am THAT tired.

So I needed coffee and guess what we were out of coffee.

Noah was staring at me wide eyed and ready to take advantage of my uncaffinated state of mind on our shared 3 hours of sleep.

We both weren’t dressed and dad was at work, which meant getting coffee would involve a whole lot of energy that I didn’t have.


Knowing I had to have coffee or today would most likely destroy me I started the getting out of the house process.

Feed and change Noah, make myself look less zombie-ish, dress Noah and then gather all of my adult and baby things needed to function and get outside of the house.

Once all was accomplished I tucked Noah into his car seat and stepped outside.

It was like stepping into a vacation.

On December 21st it was 60 degrees and sunny.

So instead of cramming into the car to make the two second drive to the store we took a walk, a long walk.

I walked and Noah excitedly babbled. We walked for miles. Noah babbling to me about everything around him was the best conversation I had, had all week.

On our way home we passed the park behind our house and instead of just passing by I pulled up and decided to make a memory.

I took Noah out of his seat and climbed to the top of the playground with Noah squealing in delight.

It had rained that morning and although there were several kids and parents playing at the park soaking in this little glimpse of spring like weather much of the equipment was still wet.

I hesitated. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Did I really want to get wet and dirty and add changing and cleaning these clothes to my every growing to do list?

Then Noah jumped up and down in my arms and burst out “maaaamaaaa!”

He has said it a couple of times, usually when is REALLY angry or REALLY tired. But this time whether on purpose or not gave me the kick in the butt I needed.

We slid down and Noah clinched on to my fleece and burst into hysterical laughter.

So we did it again, and again, and again.

I pushed him on the swings and we slid down every slide a dozen times.

Noah kicked, squirmed and howled with joy.

After the butt of my pants were soaked and Noah had was covered in bits of sand that made my heart smile reminding me of our summer of sandboxes and beaches to come we headed home.

Noah took a long much needed nap and I peacefully drank my coffee.

I know that Noah may not remember today forever but I will.

Maybe for mommies the saying shouldn’t be “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses,”maybe it should be, “don’t be afraid to get your butt wet.”


4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to get your butt wet.

  1. Its all about making memories, like the little mouse that lived behind the stove (I drew a door on the base of the wall) that you would just lay and wait to see while i was cooking, its about volcano love, wow big kisses and kitchen dancing. You are so much my daughter… I love you and am so proud (though not at all surprised) at what an awesome Mom you are <3<3<3

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