In a pickle.

Me: If you played football which position would you have played?

Kevin: Running back.

Me: You would have been amazing!

Kevin: Why do you say that?

Me: Ummm, anyone who can get out of a pickle in baseball would make a good running back! And I have seen you get out of at least 6.

Kevin laughs

Me: How do you get out of a pickle?

Kevin: You have to time it and run as fast you can one way and wait for them to throw the ball and then out run the other person and you keep out running them and stay low until you can get away.

Me: That sounds terrifying.

Kevin: You don’t get hurt, it is just part of the game.

Me: Still…that is very intense…I would have an anxiety attack.

Kevin: You are right you would.

Me: No. I would just lay down on my back like a submissive dog and let them tag me out.

Kevin: That does sound more likely.

Me: No. This is what would happen. I would see that I was in a pickle and then I would walk off the field and go home and never play softball again.

Kevin: Yep, that is exactly what you would do. Let’s hope Noah doesn’t inherit your sportsmenship, ok?

Me: That’s probably for the best. 


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