I posted this years ago and today I found out that this Mrs. finally is back with her Mr. I hope that they are both at peace and enjoying the rest of their forever.

Soulmate is a term coined to portray the natural affinity, of friendship, love, intimacy and passion for another. An expression many roll their eyes at and feel is easy to dismiss. With the rush and hurry of today’s world love is easy to push aside, criticize and forget. Love is more forgotten and taken for granted than cherish and valued. But every now and then there is that window where the depth and devotion of true love shine through and proves that everyone has a someone.

I have worked at our local bakery for over a year now and have come to know many people and our “regulars”. Two hold a special place with me. When I was new they forgave my mess ups on their simple ‘two small cups of coffee for here in to go cups’ order which they got everyday since the day our store opened and sip it while sitting side by side reading over the news paper. Day by day I looked forward to their simple order and they looked forward to catching up on my life. I counted on them each morning and found it refreshing to see two people so devoted to each other. When I got sick they sent flowers and wrote cards and I couldn’t wait to get back to see them. When Kevin and I were married they couldn’t wait to give us their congrats. And each day we looked forward to seeing them.
Then came the week neither came.
Then came the day only one came.
Our hearts broke. We all knew. The story was written on her face. It didn’t need to be said. He was gone…and she still came. Days went by where her coffee went untouched and the paper was left perfectly folded across the table untouched. She sat longer than they had before, almost soaking him up. She went from an us to an I and from together to alone. Our hearts broke when she wondered the dinning room almost haunted by sitting alone at a table where once she felt so in company. We made excuses to run into her and sit with her. She always smiled and assured us she was ok. Then the day came when it hit.

She walked up to the counter and said, “we’ll have two coffee’s for here in to go cups.”  It was spoken in a nostalgic moment where reality slipped and for a moment she was an us again.
As fast as the moment came it was gone, embarrassed she left the counter and the majority of us had to wipe tears from our eyes. She sat alone at her table like her whole life had been torn away and she clung to the empty remainders.
Nothing could be said. We placed the coffee cup on her table and knew their was nothing we could do.
There is proof in love.
It isn’t in the news or headlining the papers, it is in the tradition and melancholy grasp of forever. It is in the quiet moments no one sees, the kisses that take your breath away, the times you know make life worth living and the ways you grow together and live together. It is in enjoying the road to forever not forcing it. It is in that order for two cups of coffee when meant for just one because without him she just isn’t whole.

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    I started my blog several months ago. During that time I’ve across some inspiring voices and now follow some really great blogs. Dominique is the voice behind love life & pugs. After I read her post “proof” I immediately asked if I could reblog it. This is a first for me (reblogging), but the story touched me so much I wanted to share it with you.

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