food love.

Kevin and I are foodies.

The bad kind. The food network watching lusting kind.

But recently we have been trying to eat healthier and cheaper.

Which is ok until an episode of Cupcake Wars comes on or The Best Thing I Ever ate. Then it is a straight up battle of the wills and we have to try to talk each other away from the fantasy sugar high and back to the land of stevia and whole grains.

But this weekend we ran into two new products we love. They have made eating healthy sort of awesome.

First up: Chobani Honey-nana greek yogut.

We tried to jump on the greek yogurt train a while ago. I bought a vanilla greek yogurt and prepared to be blown away with the first taste because of all the greek yogurt hype. Instead I pulled a “Oh! Yuck! This taste like crap! It tastes like sour, sour cream with sugar in it!! Kevin taste this!” Which he then reluctantly did and had the same reaction and the $3 vanilla greek yogurt went and found a home in the trash.

But this weekend while at Trader Joe’s I tried a sample of honey greek yogurt and my mind was blown. But it is super expensive and not calorie, fat or sugar watching friendly so it was a no go.

But at our regular grocery store we found a four pack of 100 calorie Chobani honey-nana greek yogurts for the price of one yogurt at Trader Joe’s. Score!

I have had it for breakfast almost all week and once I froze it and had it for dessert.

This yogurt = heaven in your mouth.

Healthy, happy food number two is something we had never heard of.

While at the store we had to figure out lunch so we wondered up and down the aisles until we came across a new display where they were making these amazing fresh puff like creations.

They are about the size of a small tortilla and are light as air. They are made from whole grains and brown rice but taste nothing like it.

They are called Kim’s Magic Pop’s (you can find them at DLM locally).

Each one is only 15 calories and they come in 5 different flavors, our favorites are the cinnamon and the original.

We bought a pack and ate it with some homemade hummus for lunch and we were addicted.

We had the cinnamon ones for dessert with a little nutella. Ah-maz-ing.

We also have made healthy tostadas using the pop’s instead of tortillas.

So even though eating healthy will never be as satisfying as eating anything and everything we want these two things have made it a lot easier….and even enjoyable!


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One thought on “food love.

  1. I also am at that point. I have known for some time what I need to do to be healthy but was in denial that I actually needed to do them. So I have started the healthier eating lifestyle a little at a time and am looking forward to seeing your blog about new ideas!

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