piece of cake…cake.

Being a mom of a very rambunctious 9 month old I don’t ever have extra time on my hands to whip up an amazing dinner and dessert.

Let alone a healthy, cheap dinner and dessert combo.

So normally I focus on the dinner and we end up snacking on fruit or granola for dessert.

But recently I came across a recipe for a dessert that comes in at less than a quarter per a serving , less than 200 calories and you can make it in under  5 minutes with zero mess.

How could I resist that?

I found the idea on Pinterest.

They are called mug cakes, it is literally a cup cake!

You can find all different variations on the actual recipe whether you want to make it from scratch or a cake mix you have on hand (like I did!).

They are easy, cheap, yummy and diet friendly!

The best mug cake recipe I have come up with is:

Take one mug and mix in:

½ cup devils food chocolate box cake mix

1/3 cup cooled coffee

Zap in the microwave for  90 seconds, top with light whipped cream, raspberries or drizzle with nutella and enjoy!

You can pretty much use the ½ dry to 1/3 liquid ratio for any cake combo.

I made a lemon one with cake mix and lemon sparkling water and it worked great!

The cakes come out with a milder, lighter flavor than the regular versions, but still satisfy your sweet tooth!

The actual cake comes in at about 120 calories with 14 grams of sugar which is almost identical to a Skinny Cow Ice Cream sandwich.

I can’t wait to whip these up when Noah is older! It would be easy to add in any ingredient and let him put his own spin on dessert!

No mess, no fuss cake? Don’t mind if I do!





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