the end to my end table hunt.

Kev and I had to do a room flip flop a while back.

And in the process I lost my living room end table to the new master.

It was ok while the Christmas tree took the place of the end table but once the tree was gone the corner where the end table had been was naked.


End tables are hard to come by.

I should correct myself, good, not made of particle board end tables that aren’t 400 dollars are hard to come by.

I thought I would hit my usual flea n’ tique shop or thrift shops a couple of times and find one but no luck.

The empty corner gnawed at my happiness every day.

I am a little OCD about things like that.

I always have been. Like as a kid I couldn’t just build a fort made of sheets and be happy. No, I had to furnish it for my make believe guests before I could play.

So obviously I had to find an end table before I could be happy in the living room ever again.

After several trips around town for a cheap and awesome end table with no luck I was ready to give up.

Then I was pin-spired. (Yes, I am aware that this blog is starting to become an ode to Pinterest)

I saw a picture of an upcycled cable reel that had been turned into an end table.

I was in love.

I just needed a cable reel.

Only problem, apparently cable reels aren’t easy to come by.

Some friends on facebook offered help which gave me some hope. But after a week or so of hunting and no tips via facebook I posted a want ad on craigslist.

It worked. The guy wasn’t a murderer and I walked away with two free cable reels. Win, win. Awesome.

When we got them home Kevin placed them in the living room expecting to see my cable reel high go into over load.

Instead it crashed and burned.

They were too short!

Really, really short.

I stacked them on top of each other and they ended up just looking like some weird cat climbing tree.

I tried to take them apart and preform some sort of cable reel surgery combining the two but little did I know cable reels are EXTREMLY well put together and do not come apart…ever.

Then while pouting around the house I had a crazy DIY epiphany.

We had an old office chair that we weren’t using since we nixed our office that had a base the same size as the cable reel, with wheels and a post that would stabilize the table.

I immediately deconstructed the chair.

Kevin looked at me strangely as I carried a chair base upstairs from the basement.

Once I put the cable reel on the base I swear I heard angels sing.

It was the perfect height and with a metal rod in the base it was sturdy and with our little climber/wannabe walker we need sturdy furniture.

I lightly sanded it and put some extra screws attaching the base to the reel and painted it with extra Martha Stewart low VOC Picket Fence White paint leftover from painting our cabinets forever ago.

And that was that!

It took me less than an hour to take it from ugly to fabulous and it was FREE.


to this!


I LOVE it.



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