Watching Kevin with Noah is unexplainable.

Watching the care, patience and concentration Kevin has when teaching him to walk.

The rougher than mom allows play time of being tossed in the air and swung around in giggles.

The way Noah tucks his head to Kevin’s chest if he unsure or scared.

The way Noah’s eyes light up and the chant of “Dada! Dada! Dada!” begins when he sees Daddy’s car pull in the drive way.

The way Kevin’s eyes light up when he walks in the door and swoops Noah up and they squeeze each other tight.

The way Kevin always wakes up to help comfort, feed or sooth Noah back to sleep because he wants Noah to know Daddy is right there with Mommy ready to make him better.

Ever since Noah was a day old Kevin has greeted Noah each morning and said, “You are as smart as you have ever been today,  as big as you have ever been today , as loved as you have ever been in your entire life today…today is your day buddy.”

Witnessing that kind of love makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.



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