mommy problems.

Me: We need to go through our clothes we have WAY too much stuff. In reality we wear like 5 things out of all of our clothes.

Kevin: Yeah. I don’t fit most of my clothes thanks to this daddy growth spurt.

Me: That is my problem!

Kevin: What?

Me: My “mommy growth spurt”!  I go upstairs trash bag in hand ready to dominate the clothes pile and I throw something in the donate bag and think I am on a roll..then I find a shirt I got on clearance that should be like a million dollars that I don’t fit and I think ok…I will keep this for when I am super skinny. I get all pumped up and end up not donating ANYTHING and have a huge pile of when I am super skinny clothes. I eat healthy all day and think to myself, “oh, I have got this. I will lose 20 pounds in five days and I will rock that tank top.” Then the next day I crash because I consumed like 200 calories the day before, most of which were from the spaghetti-o’s from Noah’s lunch and I end up eating a cake. Then the next day I go upstairs and have this huge pile of dirty skinny clothes mocking me and cluttering my house and I want to eat even more cake! It is a horrible viscous cycle!

Kevin: Cake is good.

Me: Are you serious? That is what you took away from that?!

Kevin: Well, that and I am happy I am not a woman.


3 thoughts on “mommy problems.

  1. I hate this! (not the post, love the post, hate the fact I completely understand) Right now my clothes are in multiple piles – immediately post-baby, which are too big. My current clothes, which, as you say, maybe five things that fit. Then, the things I’m aiming to wear some day, which currently don’t fit and depress me (or I try to wear and look somewhat sausage-like) Glad I’m not alone!

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