on the ombre train.

So this morning I had a streak of bravery.

I had some extra bleach back from my blonde days and swiped it through the bottom half of my hair. Bring on the ombre.

I used a brush to get the effect I wanted. I figured it would be better than the little brush that came with the bleach. I plopped the bleach on the brush and started at the ends and every 5 mins or so I would add a little more bleach about an inch higher until I had it as high as I wanted it.

While Noah bounced in his pack and play watching me wash my hair out over the kitchen sink looking at me like I was crazy I couldn’t help but agree with him.

Mommy must be cray-cray.

After all was said and done and I actually took the time to do my hair versus the top knot of a bun(ish) thing it is usually in I think I like it.

It is more noticeable in person which I might try to tone down but photographs pretty well.

It is subtle, it just breaks up what was once a big mess of boring brown hair.

Either way this stuck in her rut stay at home mom can at least say she at least attempted a current trend or curse Pinterest for convincing me to do this.

Let’s face it…I will probably buy a bottle of basic brown this week and dye over it but I’ll live in the glory of being trendy for a couple of days 🙂

PS: Help a mommy out and click the link below! One click = a vote! We are close to the leader boards again!


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