16 weeks.


How far along?. 16 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yep and stealing Kevin’s clothes. How terrifying is it that I didn’t have to break into maternity until my third trimester the last time around and here we are at week 16 and if it doesn’t stretch it doesn’t fit!

Weight Gain? Not sure. I think we are still at 5 lbs. But that isn’t including the 16lbs I lost and had to gain back from being so sick the first two months!

Sleep? As well as I can be with a 15 month old.

Sickness? Thank God we have moved on to just being nauseated and not the fun friend of nausea, vomiting. Good bye all day sickness! You will not be missed!

Movement? Just starting feeling them move yesterday!! Kicks and rolls! It is the most amazing feeling in the world!

What I miss? COFFEE.

Food cravings? Tomato sandwiches, mustard, vinegar, hot sauce, sour patch bites in strawberry and watermelon.

Food aversions? Avacados, which I craved and ate like crazy the first month also cooking 😉 If I am hungry when I start cooking and am totally over eating by the time I am done!

What I’m looking forward to: We just found out they are both boys…really all I can think about is holding them in my arms!

Milestones? We found out they are boys!!

Things I wish people knew: How tiring a 15 month old and being pregnant with twins is! People get a little miffed when I just can’t keep up or go out.

Worries: Twin to twin transfusion. I hate that this pregnancy is so high risk, trying to borrow too much trouble and just feel blessed!

Noah’s corner: Noah is still acting like a little engineer. He wants to know how everything works. He is a water bug and would live in water if we let him. He loves to dance, climb and play ball with dad and cuddle with me! 

Belly Bump this morning!



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