the name game times two.

Kevin and I have been together a gazillion years and are dorks so of course that means we have had our kids names picked out forever.

We seriously have had our kids names, well a list of names picked out since we were 16.

I was sure we would have all boys and he thought we would have a mix.

We picked out a small list for both boys and girls.

We never really thought anything about it until we got pregnant the first time.

Noah’s name came straight from our list. We were sort of shocked that we still (and still do) liked the name so much when it came time to name him. We got out easy naming Noah!

This time around with two boys on the way we still had our list but were sure it would be much harder to pick out names.

I didn’t even really look at our list I just dove right into the baby name books. I had to find TWO crazy awesome first names and TWO absolutely astonishing middle names and fast! Influenced by all the crazy hot trends for 2012 with names like Arlo, Senna and Pilot I felt like our little mostly traditional list didn’t stand a chance.

Right after I saw the two little differences that made them boys on the ultrasound and said/asked/blurted out, “We’re having boys?!” and the tech confirmed I immediately turned to Kevin and said, “what are we going to name them!?”

He laughed and so did the tech. But not me this was serious!

They both assured me I had enough time, but to me there was no time. My poor babies didn’t have names! (Pregnancy = crazy)

After a week of tossing names back and forth and trying out some names we went back to the list and sure enough our #2 and #3 names were it.

Evan Parker Teall and Aiden Everett Teall.

We named our #2 and #3 all those years ago and didn’t even know it.

They are perfect to us for a million reasons.

(These are literal reasons we picked these names – don’t laugh)

They flow well, Noah starts with a “n” sound and Aiden and Evan both end with the “n” sound…they are all two syllables…etc.

We were worried our names had become too popular. But after talking with our families about it they assured us that it didn’t matter. Plus Noah has become crazy popular and it hasn’t effected how much we love his name.

We love their names. They give us that extra layer of reality. Now they aren’t just A and B. Or just boys. They are Aiden and Evan.

Most of all they give us that complete warm fuzzy feeling, just like Noah’s name did and still does.

So come this winter we with so much love and excitement will welcome, Evan Parker Teall and Aiden Everett Teall into the world and our little family.


2 thoughts on “the name game times two.

  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful adventure you are on!
    And I think its great that you picked out names long ago; we did the same thing and all three of our kids grew up to be just what we hoped they would be when we named them!

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