high risk = high stress.

It is crazy how my body, a body that was pregnant 16 months ago for 40 weeks and 1 day and besides swollen ankels and a few aches and pains didn’t really feel much different than normal can feel so different now at just 18 weeks with twins.

The first time around I had a very boring pregnancy, right up to the actual delivery. This time around not so easy.

At 13 weeks I had to go to the hospital for heart problems associated with the sudden increase in blood volume and my body trying to regulate it all without a normal thyroid and being on synthroid. I had no idea I had 50% more blood volume in my body at 13 weeks…crazy. 50% more blood volume = a heart who thinks it is constantly running a marathon.

And now at 18 weeks I had to make another trip into the hospital.

On Friday night I started having really intense pain in my back right side. It would come on strong and then go away completely.

It lasted all night. I slept for about an hour all night in between all the pain.

My mind was telling me these were contractions. They felt intense like the beginning of labor with Noah.

My mind was also trying to rationalize that I was only 18 weeks pregnant – these could not be contractions.

We had just installed the wood wall in the nursery. I did over do it that day. Maybe it was a pulled muscle?

Maybe it was a kidney stone or infection?

I was willing to take a kidney stone and infection with a pulled muscle all rolled into one, anything that meant it was just me suffering and not the twins.

Kevin worked Saturday and after trying to keep up with Noah that morning I ended up dropping him off at my moms and went home to try to rest it out with no luck.

By the time Kevin got home I had called my on call doctor and both our moms and they all told me to go to the hospital.

We went to the labor and delivery unit and hoped our fears would all be gone with a quick swipe of the heart Doppler but they couldn’t find one of the twins.

My nurse called for another nurse to help her and with about 15 mins of trying they could not find both of them.

My nurse called the resident on that day and had them come back to do an ultrasound.

She also couldn’t seem to get the other twin.

My mind was going a million miles an hour.  I was tiltled at such an angle that I couldn’t see the screen. I can’t really explain the anxiety I felt, I knew they were both ok. I knew it in my heart. I felt them both moving that morning. I just held on to the fact that in my heart I knew they were both ok.

We were in a room no bigger than a closet and there were three people crammed in there not including the ultrasound machine and Kevin.

Finally she found the other one. He was under the one they could find.

They were both laying straight up and down my torso mirroring each other on my right side.

Kevin called them, “double decker babies”.  Even when in pain that guy can make me laugh.

After they found both twins and their heart beats they started all the other tests.

All in all they aren’t sure what was causing the pain, we left with muscle relaxers (that three different doctors had to come tell me were 100% ok for me to take with the babies) and that it was either contractions or a kidney stone or that the twins were laying on a nerve.

Luckily they could tell me that I did not appear to be in active labor or having productive contractions.

The muscle relaxer they gave me didn’t seem to help the pain but more my nerves and helped me sleep.

Today marks my half way point with these little guys – 18 weeks. All I want for them is the same boring pregnancy I had with Noah.

I feel like I have been holding my breath since week 7 when we found out we were expecting twins.

I am sure that feeling isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

I have a lot of faith that these twins are meant to be here and with us which helps me get through all of the scary parts of this pregnancy.

I was put on strict orders of a temporary bed rest, no physical activity…no installing wood feature walls in nurseries and to drink so much water that I might as well move into the bathroom.

The pain did go away Sunday afternoon and hasn’t been back.

So its been cuddle sessions with Noah bug all day long, a wonderful husband catering to my every need and some I didn’t even know I had and a wonderful family full of support.

Today I have been able to pretty much go about “normal” life but am still cautious and taking it easy.

So now that I have rambled all of this out I have a date with Noah bug for an afternoon dance party and block building session that I must get to!



Well no sooner did I post this did the pain come back and strong. I went in to see my doctor and she suspects kidney stones – so I have a kidney ultrasound scheduled soon. She did not think the babies were in any trouble or being effected by whatever is going on but was concerned enough for me to want to get to the bottom of all of this. I am just happy to hear the babies are ok and not in any trouble!


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