slowing down.

Noah is always exploring, growing and trying to soak up every second of the day, not wanting to miss a single thing.

The newness of every day, the never ending promises of the day, the adventures unfolding… it is no wondering my once baby is now a blur of a little boy taking it all in.

Every morning is greeted with giggles and wide eyes. Within moments of waking my little boy is babbling in toddler speak of his dreams from sleep and of the day ahead.

The day takes on its momentum and Noah is swept along – until that moment.

His wide eyes begin to heavy. A yawn interrupts his constant stream of toddler speak.

Suddenly that little blur of a boy is now a little more baby than boy.

A moment before independent and wild, he now has found his binky and is crawling on my lap to be cradled.

Cradling him like I did when the nurse first handed him to me. Cradling him now is so bittersweet.  My once small baby is now long and has to scrunch to fit in my arms and lap.

He lays his head on my chest and I sing the song I sang to him even before he was born and he drifts to sleep.

His chest rises and falls slowly.

I lie him down and can’t help but be taken back by the moment.

Seeing him still is like catching lightning is a jar.

He curls up to his pillow, his cheeks begin to turn rosy and his eyes flutter away in dream land.

More days than not I sprint away from his naps with and endless to do list. But not today.

Today I laid with him knowing capturing and soaking in this moment was much more important, these moments where I can soak up what little baby there is left because it will all to soon be gone.


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