the less glamorous side of parenting.

One of the hardest things in life is seeing your child sick. Nothing can make you feel more helpless as a parent than to see your child suffer and not be able to help them.

Luckily Kevin and I have been blessed with a very healthy boy and haven’t had to deal with more than a fever or small side effects from Noah’s vaccines.

This week our luck ran out.

I came down with a mystery bug. We all went to my families for my brother’s birthday and I felt great. By dinner I was downright ill.

I literally felt green. I was shaky, nauseated, light headed, congested and couldn’t even eat a piece of birthday cake, let alone dinner.

Pregnant person not able to eat cake, huge red flag.

We left early and I had a rough, rough night.

I felt a little better within 3 days but just as I thought I was getting over this bug my boys got it.

Now it stinks to be sick as an adult. Kevin and I both fully grasp the crappiness that it is to be sick this week but Noah…he doesn’t get it.

He hasn’t been able to breathe through his nose.

He has had a 102.5 fever for the better part of the weekend.

He hasn’t slept more than an hour at a time for days.

He can’t comfort himself with his binky because he can’t breathe when he sucks.

To add to that he is having a really hard time eating and drinking since he can’t swallow easily.

It has been horrible.

Last night Noah had his first real throwing up experience. He had just finished dinner and taken a dose of Motrin and it just didn’t sit well. This wasn’t just spit up, milk or juice – it was a big kid throw up.

Kevin was holding him and well…Kevin got it, bad.

But like the super hero dad he is, and held him closer while he finished and helped calm him and talk him through it.

Noah was panicking since he couldn’t breathe and well I don’t know anyone who likes throwing up…heck I still panic.

Kevin took him to the bath and Noah wouldn’t let go of his shirt so he sat down with him in the tub fully clothed and gave him a bath.

After sometime Noah rested his head on Kevin’s shoulder and fell asleep still holding his shirt in the bath.

We managed to clean up Noah (and Kevin) and transition Noah to me and then to bed.

Noah slept for about two hours and then was up every hour. Kevin and I woke up together with him throughout the night comforting him back to bed and helping him get through the night.

I know this isn’t a glamorous story but it is real.

This is the part of parenting I never thought about before becoming a parent.

If you would have told me seeing my husband laying in a tub fully clothed holding our sick little boy cleaning throw up off of him would be one of the moments I loved him most in my life, I would have thought you were crazy (and gross).

This is the hard part of parenting that as my mom told me last night when I was trying to rack her brain for any magic tip she could give me to make him feel better, “you know what to do and are doing everything already but of course you feel like it isn’t enough because you can’t just kiss it and make it all better, just love him.”

When Noah was an infant I always thought it would get easier as he got older, but each age and stage has come with its own fears and hardships. This time around big kid throwing up when he is still right on the edge of still being a baby and a kid, fevers, aches and pains that he doesn’t have words for.

Luckily today my little guy seems to be doing much better after a morning of cuddling and mentally crippling amount of Yo Gabba Gabba.

As sad as I am that Noah is sick and I can’t kiss it away, I am very thankful for that glimmer of my little spunky boy back today and knowing in a day or two he will be 100% again.


One thought on “the less glamorous side of parenting.

  1. Noah might not understand that he is sick, and that this is temporary… that things will go back to the way they were in a day or two. He does not understand why his binky doesn’t work anymore, and throwing up had to be so scary to him. BUT he does know that he is surrounded by love, that Mommy swoops him up and makes things better… that Daddy takes a bath with him … with his clothes on.. Grandma sings him to sleep .. and everything is ok… he will only remember that … the love… that we all give him. He can make the saddest little sad face… and it melts my heart…. as it does yours… You my peanut are an amazing daughter and even more amazing Mom… I remember you being sick, I remember feeling these feelings… you and Kevin give Noah all that he needs… and so much more… that is what he will remember <3<3<3

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