Twin Nursery: In progress.

Here are some sneak peak pictures of the twin’s VERY in progress nursery.

We would be further along but we like naps…we play with Noah vs. finish a project…watch Married to Jonas while eating ice cream (ok..that one is all me) instead of painting.

So here we go…

You remember that wall we were so excited about…

Well…a day later it did this…

Fail. I may or may not have cried. But first I freaked out.

I was home alone, it was 11pm. Kevin is at work, Noah is asleep and I am about to hit the hay. And I hear a strange noise upstairs…like any rational person. I freaked out. Like thought about dialing 911 freak out.

I turned off the tv and peaked my head up the stairs.

No killers…no burgalers…at least from what I could see from the bottom step…the step I assessed was close enough to assess whether or not the noise was threatening the life of Noah and I and I needed to run holding the two pugs and Noah screaming out of the house.

I sat back down and turned back on Married to Jonas and sort of forgot about the noise.

Then it happened again – expect it wasn’t a creepy little creaky noise like I had heard earlier. No. This was a run out of your house because you either A) have poltergiest or B) your house is falling down.

I called Kevin and told him I was putting him on speaker phone and to stay on the line while I went upstairs…where I found the culprit.

Our ‘feature’ wall was falling down.


When I saw all the boards on the floor I was sort of wishing it had been a poltergeist.

Luckily my amazing husband, assessed the problem and put it back up reinforcing it three different ways.

And now it looks like this..

We still have some touch ups to do but having all the boards up makes me one happy pregnant lady.

Next up the dresser redo.

This is the before..

This is the only picture I got of the priming process but next will be the final coats of paint and some nobs.

We set up the cribs, they aren’t where they will go and we still have to finish priming/painting the floors but some antsy pregnant woman insisted on having them up.

This is a picture of the TEDIOUS process of my DIY mobile for the twins.

I found a mobile on Etsy made with paint chips that I was in love with but with a $50 price tag x 2 = no thanks.

It took 630 circles to make the mobiles but they turned out great!

Here is a sneak peak of an almost finished one.

Lots more to do…lots more to come.

But now ice cream is calling my name!


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