24 weeks.

How far along? 24 weeks (measuring 30 weeks)

Maternity clothes? I officially don’t fit any top that isn’t maternity. Up until this week I could get away with just a larger size.

Weight Gain?  Right on track. I have gained 24 lbs. The goal was 1lbs a week up to 24 weeks…now the real weight gain begins!

Sleep? Yeah right. With a 17 month old getting their molars in and the Teall house being plagued by colds and flus sleep is a myth.

Sickness? Does heart burn count as a sickness?! It should. TUMS can pretty much be considered their own main food group staple in my diet now a days. Also we have had horrible luck with flus and colds this month so much so that I have forgotten what breathing through your nose is like…oh…to sleep and breath through my nose…such lofty dreams.

Movement? Evan is busy kicking my ribs into an oblivion and Aiden likes to dance on my bladder. I also have gotten a few comments from strangers because you can see them move through my shirt…sort of like they are about to burst through. It catches people off guard.

What I miss? COFFEE. Sleep. Being able to roll over. Being able to walk more than 10 minutes without pain. Engery.

Food cravings? Glazed croissants from a specific bakery (Ashely’s bakery), Chick-Fil-A lemonade, my husband’s burgers (sooo good),  green chilies (in everything), decaf sweet tea and fried pickles and dill sauce.

Food aversions? Protein shakes…gulping these down three times a day for the past 20 weeks has been torture…no matter what I do they are still chunky and taste like my prenatal vitamin crushed up and mixed with milk…which I am already not a fan of.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting to meet them and hold them. I just can’t wait to hear them cry and have their little fingers wrap around mine.

Milestones? I hit 24 weeks, that was my first goal. At 24 weeks if I go into labor they have a fighting chance. That is my doctors goal…my real goal is 32 weeks. But I am thrilled I made it to 24 with no real problems so far! Heck my  blood pressure was exactly 120/80 at my last appointment and I have gained exactly 24 lbs and the twins have never been more than 2 oz within each other on their growth scales…I couldn’t be happier!

Things I wish people knew: This hurts! As my doctor put it our bodies aren’t meant to carry two babies at once so it is bound to hurt and be a bit of a struggle. It hurts to walk, sit and lay down.  I have a lot of nerve pain and bone pain from the weight of the twins..I literally can feel my hip bones vibrate and grind when they are head down…ouch.

Worries: Preterm labor and having a csection. I know I already had one csection but that was an emergency. I didn’t have time to be afraid and quite frankly I would have been ok with them do anything to get Noah out safe. But going into the idea of major surgery while awake and not having the epidural work last time is scary. As far as preterm labor…I think that is just a fear that comes along with having twins. I am always afraid that my water will break or these contractions I have been having will turn into something more and I will go into labor.

Noah’s corner: Noah is happily bounding into his “terrible twos” early. He loves to dance. His favorite foods are mandarin oranges and tomatoes. Seriously he eats at least 4 tomatoes a week..he would eat 100 if I let him. Even though he is super independent right now he still has his ubber cuddly moments. He has one molar that has popped through and the rest are giving him a hard time. His favorite thing to do is play in water. He likes to put his face under water and stick his head under the faucet…since I am deathly afraid of water this horrifies me but at the same time I am happy he didn’t inherit my fear! He still isn’t talking much, if at all but he loves to use the word “no!”. What he isn’t communicating in language my God he is communicating non-verbally. He is funny, smart, fast and fun. I think these next few months will hold a lot of changes and fun for him!


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