(Mini) Noah’s Big Boy Room Update

Here is a little of what we have been up to in Noah’s room.

We wanted something art-ish for Noah’s room but couldn’t find anything that fit the bill for that toddler-boy room. We wanted something that wouldn’t have to come off the wall in a couple of years. I saw a map at Ikea I fell in love with but it was too big in size and budget.

I found this 1988 map on Ebay for $3 with shipping  and Kevin made the frame from extra wood and I used a milk paint and wax to stain it and seal it.

We didn’t expect Noah to care much about it for a few years but he loves it. He points at all the colors and gets really close inspecting all the little words on the map. Score!

This isn’t the best picture of this project but I figured I would throw it in here since it is Noah’s favorite thing in his room yet.

He could spend hours in here. The first time we showed him the tee pee he ran squeeling into the tent and then came running out to get pillows, books and toys. When I closed the little flap on the front the cool factor went up x100000 or at least that is what I gathered from all the giggling and squealing coming from inside the tee pee.

It is big enough we can sit in there with him (even my huge pregnant self) and read a book and he can lay down…he has even dozed off for his morning nap in there a few times.

We built it with wood rods from Lowe’s and since they didn’t have the right size (only 36 inch length ones) we used PVC plumbing couplings to bond the joints…think back to the tens you had as a kid…those little elbow-ish things that always got lost for the poles. We used wood glue to secure them so we wouldn’t run into that problem!

Then I just used a painters burlap drop cloth as the outside.

Total cost $15 (used a coupon to get the burlap 50% off!)

Here is a panoramic (a really bad panoramic) shot of the room to give you guys a better idea of where everything is.

His room isn’t finished but it is going somewhere! Noah loves it and it fits his creative, busy, active little brain much better than his nursery.

I will blog more about the bed but the bed is a an antique I scored from a local family from a MOMS group I belong to. It is a full bed and the mattress sits right on the slats so it is super low to the ground and we have bed rails we attach to the sides.

It is really nice to have a full sized bed instead of a toddler bed he will just grow out of in the blink of an eye.

I will update more! Taking pictures is always an after thought right now since it is all I can do to get a project complete!!


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