Please pray for our boys.

I do not have time to post or write but my husband and I are reaching out to anyone and everyone to pray for our boys who are fighting for their lives. 

I don’t have much time away to post so here are the updates via facebook. Please pass this along and tell your friends and family. 

November 27th:

Please pray for Aiden. He has contracted Necrotizing Enterocolitis which is a very, very serious infection. We have been told that the next 72-96 hours are very critical and we could lose him if the infection gets to be too much and things can change at a moments notice. Please, please pray for him to come through this healthy and without needing surgery as fast and as easy for him as possible. He is our little fighter, believe in him as much as we do

December 1st:

This update comes with more impossibly hard news. Evan has also developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis. While Aiden is very, very slowly trying to recover and still is facing more surgeries and is walking a tight rope to recovery that could turn at any moment, Evan has just started this battle and the path it takes is unknown. We are hoping that since it was caught on the gut feeling of one of their 

doctors so early that his battle will not take the same path, we are so scared and lost in all of this but we know without a doubt that the prayers made a difference. With no known reason 30 mins before Aiden’s emergency surgery while in organ failure he began to improve slightly on his own, a little push that helped him survive the surgery. The doctors explained it as a miracle that they couldn’t explain. Our boys are so strong, such brave little fighters that shouldn’t have to fight this battle..they are just babies. So please help them be strong and pray for them. Please reach out to others to pray for them around you, that is all we are asking for. We love them so much, please pray as hard as you can for them. You don’t have to pray for strength for Kevin or I because these amazing little boys are our strength. Please say a prayer for Noah too…this has been so hard on him. We just wish for as many people to pray for our three boys.

11 thoughts on “Please pray for our boys.

  1. You have prayers from here. Henry was hospitalized a few weeks after his birth when an abdominal x-ray showed a suggestion that the pediatric radiologist believed might be necrotizing enterocolitis. A subsequent ultrasound and serial xrays proved it wasn’t, but we learned a lot about the infection in a very short amount of time, but I can only imagine how scary this is. We will be thinking of all five of you and praying for health, strength, and recovery.

  2. May God make it easy on you and your husband during this time. And most of all may God shower blessings upon your beautiful boys. I pray for them to recover and live a blessed healthy life; God willing.

  3. Just a word of encouragement… My preemie girl contracted necrotizing enterocolitis two days after birth. After a scary emergency transfer to a children’s hospital, she recovered over the next few weeks. She’s is now a healthy and happy 2.5 year old. I pray your boys will recover just as well.

  4. I’ve never been to your blog before, but I stumbled upon it through a twitter link. My daughter was in the NICU in March after an emergency C-section and your words brought me right back there. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. I understand so well that horrible helpless feeling. Thinking of you and praying for you and your precious boys.

  5. You are being lifted high to the Almighty by people you know and many you don’t. Know and remember the Lord is good all the time, even when we cannot see His goodness through our tears. “Though the sorrows may last for the night, His joy comes with the morning.”

  6. Dominique, from one NICU NEC mom to another – I get it. I know how hard the back and forth is, the worry, the fears, the anxiety, the “please, God, don’t let the NICU call me at home” phone call, the exhaustion. I know all of it. And, I am praying. I sent you a private message, but reach out to me anytime. I’ve been there and I know how horrible the isolation can be. Hang tough.

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