My heros.

Aiden starting to wake up more and open his eyes.

Aiden starting to wake up more and open his eyes.


Evan opening his eyes

Evan opening his eyes


Right now both boys are still critical, we are still on that tight rope of any moment could change it all. We also face starting feeds again eventually on both which could cause the NEC to come back. Aiden had his entire large intestine removed, we don’t want the NEC to come back and take any more of his intestines or for him to fight any more than he has had to. Aiden will be having heart surgery, the date is still to be determined. Evan’s xrays have gone back and forth on positive and negative for the NEC, so he is still battling it but we are hoping the fact that it isn’t an obvious positive is good thing.

This period of holding our breath is terribly difficult but every second that goes by that is good trumps all the pain and worry. It is hard to complain about how hard it is on our end of it all when we aren’t the ones fighting this battle, it just hurts so much to see my two babies in such pain and having to fight such a hard battle.

Please keep praying for our two strong and brave boys, all the prayers are making a difference. We have been extremely hard to reach in all of this, cell phones aren’t allowed in the NICU most of the time and we aren’t online much at all. Right now we are just in survival mode pushing ahead trying to figure out how best to be there for all three of our boys, we haven’t taken time to answer voice mails, emails, messages or even pay our bills or grocery shop so please don’t think we aren’t thankful because we are. We are so thankful for every ounce of positivity and prayer sent our way, we just have so little time in each day and right now we just can’t pull ourselves from our boys more than a few quick updates here and there.

Thank you again, all of you.

Keep the love, prayer and coming.



7 thoughts on “My heros.

  1. I can’t even begin to relate, so I won’t pretend to know what you’re going through.. But I was away from my husband and other kids for about a month and a half while our youngest recovered from an inexplicable failure to thrive at our local children’s hospital. It choked me up immediately to read what you said about how much it hurts to NOT be the one fighting the battle. Prayers are with you. They are beautiful.

  2. You are always in my mind. I can’t imagine what your entire family is facing. I do want to let you know (and I hope you take this the right way, not trying to throw anything in your face) that because of this blog I remember daily how lucky I am with my twins. Because of you and your amazing fighters, I hold my girls a little tighter every day. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  3. Reblogged this on Windy City Wilderness and commented:
    Dominique’s blog, “Love, Life, and Pugs, is one I started following when we were still waiting with Henry. I really appreciated seeing how other new moms were managing life “plus one,” and her baby/husband/dogs family makeup was right up my alley. Since I first started following D’s blog, she and her husband learned that they would be adding twin boys to their brood. In the middle of last month, they welcomed Aiden and Evan– several weeks early. Their boys are fighting, but the family could use your prayers if you have them to spare. When Henry was hospitalized at a month of age, the pediatric radiologist chose to admit him because he saw a shadow on a single abdominal x-ray that might have indicated an infection called necrotizing enterocolitis. NEC, as it’s commonly known, is most common in preterm babies, and, as it turned out, Henry’s only issue turned out to be a gastro track that had been roughed up a little by milk proteins. Aiden and Evan, though, have already faced down this infection. It strikes me how impressive these two little people have been in their short time on earth so far and how impressive their parents are, too.

    If you have a good thought or prayer to spare, please spare one for these two little guys, their big brother, and the parents and family who love them.

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