Nice to see you again.

Last night during our visit with the boys both being more alert during our visits I wanted to get them together and let them hang out…not just with mom and dad but each other.

I sat Evan up, Aiden was still a little groggy and moved him close to Aiden who Kevin was holding.

His eyes focused and his breathing picked up.

He moved his head closer and his breathing got quicker and quicker and he reached out his hand and touched Aiden‘s face.

Aiden groggily opened one of his eyes and he had the same reaction.

They both studied each other and made little noises in their excitement.

They reached out in jerky, newborn movements and touched each other, making sweet squeaky noises.

Whenever one would make a noise the others eye brows would raise.

Kevin and I sat in awe…not really sure that they would have a reaction to our little “play date”.

When I told Kevin Evan’s body was reacting to seeing Aiden he couldn’t understand until Aiden did the same thing.

I got goosebumps and it brought tears to my eyes.

I don’t even have words for the moment.

Video tape, pictures and words couldn’t do it justice.

It was perfect.


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