Cancer Sucks.



The AMAZING mother to Rockstar Ronan, Maya Thompson has started a movement to have the White House lit up in gold this September to raise awareness for pediatric cancer.

I have been taken back by Maya and Ronan many times. I have cried many, many tears for their entire family. My heart has ached so deeply for them. 

There are many times I sit in the NICU and her words echo in my head. Because none of it is “fucking fair”. No child should ever have to go through the things these brave little warriors go through. 


While we were staying in the hospital, not sure if Aiden was going to make it through I broke down in the little room they gave us in the NICU.

All I could think was there shouldn’t have to be hospitals for babies or children. They should be immune to cancer, terminal illness and sickness. They shouldn’t have to be so strong. They should be kids. They should play. Get dirty. Laugh. Cuddle. Be home. 

Her honesty and her strength inspire me. 


She is moving mountains for not only her Ronan but for every other child and family out there who has or will be effected by pediatric cancer. Her strength is awe inspiring. It doesn’t come from choice or from losing a child. It comes from being a mom. She is Ronan’s mom and she is doing this as his mother. So please…help Ronan’s mom…it takes less than a minute. 

This woman is taking on cancer..please take one moment to help her out. 

Go to this website and sign the petition.


(Also if you are a cancer survivor they are asking for photos with the message in the photo above to be sent in by midnight tonight to help spread the word! More here if you want to help!)


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