A bang up job.

Sometimes I do dumb things.

Like hormonally cut bangs into my hair.

The FLOTUS and I for sure have something in common…we take our feelings out on our hair. Her bangs resulted from a mid life crisis and I think my resulted from pure insanity.

I often take out my feeling on my hair. Usually I never get the nerve to cut so I normally bounce between being a blonde or a brunette. But I don’t like the “Oh!! You dyed your hair!! Wow! I never imagined you as a blonde/brunette.” I also don’t like that all of my pictures through life are dotted with me being beach blonde or brunette….that probably doesn’t make any sense to anyone but me.

It is hard for me not to see myself as both. I was blonde naturally until I was 16 years old then my hair went cray and went from blonde and straight to brown and crazy curly. So for over half my life I have been blonde but I am naturally a brunette.

Any ways…I digress.

But this time the boys took an abnormally long nap…the house was clean…and saw a cute picture of bangs on Pinterest.

And that was it. I cut over a years worth of growing my last attempt of bangs out. My hair grows SLOOOOW.

Loved them for all of 20 minutes.

Then immediately hated them.

Kevin got home and I couldn’t even look at him.

I felt like I looked 9 years old.

He assured me they were cute and he really liked them.

I still am not sold.

They actually annoy me. I don’t like hair in my face. So what did I do…I added an entire row right across my head of hair IN MY FACE.

Yep…I make a lot of sense.

I always do things like this when I am not happy with something I can control, like my weight, medical problems with myself or others, house problems, Kevin’s work problems, life drama…so having all those problems at once…the odds were really stacked against me.

I guess I should be happy it only resulted in bangs and not a Brittney Spears shaved head melt down.



4 thoughts on “A bang up job.

  1. I do this too, and I never realize why I’m doing it until after I cut my slow growing hair. But the best things is, it DOES eventually grow back. (I am slowly putting back my scissors, I woke up this morning with the idea of cutting my hair off again and going for a bob-which I already know I hate. Thanks for the reminder!!)

  2. I do this all the time! Only for me it is not bangs. I go from very long hair to very short hair. Love it for about a month or two and then want to grow it back long again. It takes about two years to grow it out again and then the cycle starts all over!

  3. Thank God it’s only hair and it does grow back, albeit slowly. Mine are still growing out, and I also still have no idea why I did it in the first place. Thank God it’s not the end of the world! And I really do want to shave my head one day, if anything, simply in protest to the notion that women without hair lack femininity (which is my husband’s argument against it). Alas, God gave women hair, and we take His beautiful canvas as it is and shape it into how we want it to be. You are beautiful, no matter if you have hair you hate, or hair you love. Keep smiling!

  4. I have done the bang thing too!!! They ARE so cute that first day too!!! THEN…….they get funny. Then you have to wait until you pass your awkward hair stage for them to be able to be pushed aside again!

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