During some random conversation in the car…a debate if you will.

Kevin: You’re being chippy.

Me: Being what now?

Kevin: Chippy.

Me: Umm. I am pretty sure that isn’t a word, unless you are referring to paint..

Kevin: Yes it is and you know I’m right.

Me: We will see what google has to say about that.

Hours later.

Me: Kevin!

Kevin: What?!

Me: You are calling me an inferior, touchy, belligerent, promiscuous woman?!

Kevin: NO! What are you talking about?

Me: The definition of the word “chippy

Kevin: Oh God. No, that isn’t what I meant.

Me: Guess you should have just agreed it wasn’t word…

Kevin: Can we just pretend it isn’t a word?

Me: We could if I weren’t so ‘chippy’.





2 thoughts on “Kevin-isims

  1. haha I love these!
    btw Chippy is the name of the Elf in the Elf on a shelf movie that we watch a million times a day, now knowing the meaning of the word those Elf on a shelf people are on my list :))

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