The freaking bangs.

As you can tell by the title of this post the bangs have not yet grown on me.

Kevin really likes them. He has told me 50 gazillion times. Noah is fascinated by them. I loathe them.

This post should really be titled..eff you Reese Witherspoon and your perfect bangs! (Just kidding, no one could really ever hate Reese Witherspoon)

Or maybe the title should be Pinterest stop making me believe I can DIY things like bangs! 

Well…after much requesting here is a picture of the bangs.

It isn’t a good one but I don’t have time for cool, fancy pictures (or haircuts!) my boys make sure of that!


So that is that.

I told Kevin half kidding (ok…more like 1/16th kidding) that I was going to go back to blonde…

So we shall see if these bangs are the last of me taking my life stresses out on my hair!

Stay tune for more stay at home mama hair drama!


5 thoughts on “The freaking bangs.

  1. I won’t lie. I’m insanely jealous of your amazing gorgeousness!! I cannot pull off bangs, and you absolutely can!! Girl, you and those bangs make Reese Witherspoon’s look like crap.

  2. They actually look fine on you! But I know how annoying they can be when getting in one’s face, and you probably have to straighten them because you have curly/wavy hair. But have no fear, they don’t look bad at all in that picture!

  3. I really like them! I do understand how they’re a pain though!!!! When I did mine, it was after watching a reece witherspoon movie- I didn’t realize other’s did that too! Even though I was mad at myself for cutting mine, I did like how they covered up my forehead, which has a little scar on it that I always try to comb my hair over! Go blonde if it helps you! My hair is probably going to fall out because I’ve changed colors 4 times in the past 6 months like a crazy woman!

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