I am a wuss and I know it.

So I admit this post will confirm my lameness but I’ll post it any way.

What the what is up with tv nowadays.

(Evidence #1 in lameness) Kevin and I recorded Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because lets be real….we don’t watch anything that late because we try to not be up that late.

With three boys under the age of two we must sleep when we can sleep, by sleep I mean lay there motionless, hoping that somehow not moving and laying still waiting for the next cry will somehow recharge us as well as real sleep.

If we are awake we are knee deep in baby/toddler drama. With diaper changing, bouncing, rocking, bottle making, spit up cleaning and outfit changing.

But we love us some Jimmy Falon. So the other day at lunch time we popped on Jimmy.

We were enjoying our weekly dose of Thank You notes when the commercials came on. Noah was sleeping on the couch on the remote and we didn’t dare disturb him.

Right before Jimmy was to come back on a nice little commercial for the upcoming series Hannibal came on.

Where someone was eating what appeared to be pork loin and they asked what loin it was and then it flashed to someone CHOPPING UP A HUMAN APPANDAGE.

I do not watch horror films. I can’t even watch Dexter or The Walking Dead.  So this pretty much scared me, like I am not eating lunch anymore excuse me while I go dry heave for the next hour.

When did cannibalism become late night tv programming?!

What’s next Freddy Kuger co-hosting with Katie Couric or Anderson Cooper?!

Can tv just go back to Full House and Home Improvement? Or at least not show humans being chopped up?

Maybe I am just too used to PBS and Disney…or maybe just maybe it is a little over the line to have a graphic series about cannibalism on NBC.

Hannibal…no thank you. I would rather watch Yo Gabba Gabba 24/7 which if you have ever caught an episode of it you know is usually worse than the though of having your arm chopped off.

Tell me this isn’t the worst thing you have ever seen…


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