Simple Slow Cooker Teriyaki Pork & Potatoes

This is one of my fave go to meals.


It appeases my hubby’s love a good meat and potatoes meal after a long day at work and I love it because pork is lean and pretty healthy, Noah adores the carrots and it makes for killer left overs all week.


Not to mention I make this in the morning while my coffee is brewing and it is all done and in the pot before my first cup is ready – whats not to love about that?


Teriyaki Pork with Potatoes & Carrots 




1 teriyaki marinated pork loin (we get ours from Kroger)


3 – 4 lbs bag of golden potatoes (honestly I just shove as many as I can in the crock pot)


½ (or more) of a bag of baby carrots


½ cup OJ or fresh squeeze orange juice


Place the pork in the bottom of the crock pot add in the OJ (make sure to get out all the marinade from the bag, use a little water to get it all)

Throw in the desired amount of baby carrots (they are a big hit in this house so we use a lot!)


Clean and quarter your potatoes and throw them in


Turn on low (for 7-9 hours or until pork is 165 degrees and potatoes are tender) or high for 4-6 hours (again make sure everything is nice and ready!). If it gets too dry too soon you can add small amounts of water or broth to keep it moist. I toss the potatoes around occasionally – but you don’t have to…especially if you don’t cram a million in the pot like I do….my guys like potatoes.  


We salt and pepper after it comes out to limit how much salt we add in it over all.



We serve it up with a loaf of our favorite sourdough bread from Panera…seriously, even though I worked there for years and Kevin still does there is nothing better than a loaf of Panera sourdough bread (lets be real, I could eat a loaf with a bottle of wine for dinner and be happy – but that isn’t very family friendly). I make sure Kevin buys one before he heads home on these crock pot nights.


While this dinner is amazing on the first night, the next day it makes for a great wrap in a tortilla or on a bun…or on more sourdough bread!


Noah isn’t crazy about meat yet and he really digs into this dish and for a grazing toddler who seems to live on air – nothing makes a mama happier!


And for a tired and hungry husband to give it the I’ll take thirds and fourths, I need a pair of Joey Tribbiani eating pants seal of approval that makes me feel a little bit better about him getting home to a crazy messy, loud house!

everyone needs a pair of eating pants.

everyone needs a pair of eating pants.

Now excuse me while I go dig out two pairs of “eating pants” and dig in!


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