DIY wood pallet important dates or best days of our lives sign.

Due to an overwhelming response to my latest DIY project I shared on Facebook and Instagram I wanted to share with you all how easy it is to make your own best days of our lives sign.



I had seen a lot of important dates signs floating around on Pinterest and Etsy but none of them were exactly what I wanted for the space I had.


We have a large area next to our fireplace that needed filed. We already have two gallery walls, so instead of risking the chance of that corner of the living room feeling cluttered I wanted something large but meaningful.


I wanted something that would make me smile and make me feel grateful. When I came across the important dates signs I knew that was it.


That was about a year ago.


I don’t own a Cricut (as much as I wish I did) and I didn’t want to buy a stencil to do it, nor did I like the look of stencils. 


So I just kept lusting after all those signs that came through my Pinterest feed…then one day a link to how to transfer ink popped up in my feed with just regular old printer paper and a jet ink printer.


My husband knows the way to my heart and luckily he came home that week with a perfect pallet for the project. All the slats were already next to each other and with cutting it down a bit it would be perfect.


All that I had to do was pick out my fonts, dates, wording and format the printing for the project.


The project took me about two hours to complete or in my world 1 extra long miracle triple nap from the boys, plus 30 minutes of patient toddler crafting while I finished it up.


First I picked the dates and wording.


I started out by making a mock up in Word on my computer.


I kept it small at first so I could see the over all look and played with the fonts.


I knew I wanted to use something more industrial for the numbers and something that resembled calligraphy for the wording ( I used Courier New for the dates and Eyes Wide Shut for the script).


I finally got everything formatted the way I liked it and was ready to print.


This step shouldn’t have been as tedious or hard as it was.BUT I have a cheepy ink jet printer…like it costs $20 with the ink in it.


To get the ink to transfer to the wood you have to make sure the ink will be touching the wood…the way you do this is to print the wording in a mirror image.


Normally this is just a setting when you go to print and option you can chose in the settings or properties…I was not so lucky.


There was no mirror image option.


So I busted out my good old MS paint skills. I did screen shots of my font and pasted and cut them in MS paint then used the flip horizontal option under rotate on the tool bar and printed from there.



Since I wanted my font to be pretty big (size 300) I had to do it by sections.


Once I had it all printed I went about figuring out the placement by laying it all, like a rough draft.


Once I figured out my spacing I started the process of transferring.


I laid the paper ink side down and used a wet paint brush to dampen the paper.


You want to get the paper wet but not soaked enough that the paper will dissolve.


Once I wet the section of paper I wanted to start transferring I used the back side of a plastic paint brush to run the ink areas to get the ink to transfer.


The ink transfers really well (not to gloss paint or glossy surfaces though!) you can leave it as is (black) or go over it with paint as I did. You just have to make sure to rub all areas of the font, when the paper is wet it is easy to see where the letters and numbers are (that doesn’t show up well in pictures!).



I was tempted to leave it black but I thought white would work better with our living room.


I just went in with some left over white paint and I had the look I was going for!



I trimmed down the pallet after the paint dried and that is it!


I love that the sign is a constant reminder of how much a day can change your life and I can look and see all the best days of my life and be reminded just how blessed I am!

Since this sign is pretty big we haven’t hung it yet, I want to make sure to get anchors but I was eager to share it all with you before! 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and share your signs if you decide to give it a try!! 



Welcome home Evan.

Dear Evan,

I am so proud of you.

I have been dreaming of writing this letter to you since you were born.

You are home.

You right now are sleeping peacefully on my lap, smiling in your sleep.

It makes me so happy to see you smile, even if it is just in your sleep because of the nightmare you have survived. I am glad your battle didn’t rob your happiness.

holding hands

If anything, all I can hope besides for your health is that this burden you and your brother have had to go through rest on your dad and I’s shoulders and you both will leave this journey far behind you, never knowing how strong you both had to be.

1 week old

1 week old

I can’t believe how far you have come…you the youngest…the littlest Teall.

so small so strong

so small so strong

I prayed hard the night before you came home that all that you have been through would be left at the hospital doors and bringing you home would be a second ‘birth day’.

This birth day, unlike your actual birthday, is a day to celebrate you fighting so hard to be in this world, it will forever resemble just how strong you are.

You are so loved.

safe in daddy's arms

happy in daddy’s arms

Having you home, to hold, kiss, love, hug and just get lost in staring at your sweet face has filled half the hole in my heart that has been empty the day your first home became the NICU.

our home away from home

our home away from home

While your NICU journey was a roller coaster filled with fear, heartbreak, terror and concern. And those sleepless nights that were supposed to be from your newborn cries were from the ache and worry in my heart leaving you and your brother there, I want you to know there was a lot of love and happiness entwined in that journey.

There are men and women there who saved your life, who love you and cared for you and filled in our roles as mom and dad when we could not be there for you.

They held you, sang to you, cuddled you. They changed your diapers, fed you bottles and bathed you. They also measured and weighed you, took your temperature and watched you ever so carefully. They xrayed you, hooked you to IVs and PIC lines and administered many medications to you. They made diagnosis, they made medical plans and eventually they discharged you, to many of them it was bittersweet. They were happy to see how far you had come and that you were finally going home but you wormed your way into so many of their hearts and they were going to miss you.

They were everything we wanted to be for you and everything we couldn’t be.

I read a quote the other day, “sometimes super heroes don’t wear capes”, it couldn’t be any truer. You and your brother were cared for by super heroes and I plan on telling you that your entire lives, their titles don’t serve them justice. I can just see you both telling all your friends on the play ground in elementary school that you were both saved by super heroes as babies and it makes me smile.

We will forever be thankful for those super heroes.

You also have a lot of people who love you and have not met you. They love you through pictures and cling to updates. You have only been lucky enough to meet your Grandma’s and Grandpa’s because of how frail and fragile you are. Even though your uncle’s and aunt, your great Grandma, family near and far and dear friends who have said countless prayers have yet to actually meet you – they love you and even though you being home doesn’t change the fact they can’t visit you and hold you like they would want to they are so thankful you are home.

evan morning

Your journey in the NICU has reminded us how quick life can change and that it rarely takes an expected path.

Because of that we look forward to the future with you and your brother but more than that we are thankful for the right nows.

And right now I can’t express to you just how thankful we are that you are home.


So here is to your birth day, your fresh start, your new beginning, we are so excited to see where you will go.

Today I cut your hospital band off my wrist. I kept it on all this time because it symbolized our bond from the day you were born. I promised myself I wouldn’t take it off until you were home safe and sound. Whenever I felt weak I drew strength from it, inspired by you and your brother. Before you could know love, laughter, joy and peace had to be strong and because of your strength the rest will follow. I have no excuse to be weak…you were born at 28 weeks, 2lbs 10oz and you are such a warrior.  You are an inspiration.


Welcome home love, we missed you.

welcome home

With so much love,


Twin Nursery: In progress.

Here are some sneak peak pictures of the twin’s VERY in progress nursery.

We would be further along but we like naps…we play with Noah vs. finish a project…watch Married to Jonas while eating ice cream (ok..that one is all me) instead of painting.

So here we go…

You remember that wall we were so excited about…

Well…a day later it did this…

Fail. I may or may not have cried. But first I freaked out.

I was home alone, it was 11pm. Kevin is at work, Noah is asleep and I am about to hit the hay. And I hear a strange noise upstairs…like any rational person. I freaked out. Like thought about dialing 911 freak out.

I turned off the tv and peaked my head up the stairs.

No killers…no burgalers…at least from what I could see from the bottom step…the step I assessed was close enough to assess whether or not the noise was threatening the life of Noah and I and I needed to run holding the two pugs and Noah screaming out of the house.

I sat back down and turned back on Married to Jonas and sort of forgot about the noise.

Then it happened again – expect it wasn’t a creepy little creaky noise like I had heard earlier. No. This was a run out of your house because you either A) have poltergiest or B) your house is falling down.

I called Kevin and told him I was putting him on speaker phone and to stay on the line while I went upstairs…where I found the culprit.

Our ‘feature’ wall was falling down.


When I saw all the boards on the floor I was sort of wishing it had been a poltergeist.

Luckily my amazing husband, assessed the problem and put it back up reinforcing it three different ways.

And now it looks like this..

We still have some touch ups to do but having all the boards up makes me one happy pregnant lady.

Next up the dresser redo.

This is the before..

This is the only picture I got of the priming process but next will be the final coats of paint and some nobs.

We set up the cribs, they aren’t where they will go and we still have to finish priming/painting the floors but some antsy pregnant woman insisted on having them up.

This is a picture of the TEDIOUS process of my DIY mobile for the twins.

I found a mobile on Etsy made with paint chips that I was in love with but with a $50 price tag x 2 = no thanks.

It took 630 circles to make the mobiles but they turned out great!

Here is a sneak peak of an almost finished one.

Lots more to do…lots more to come.

But now ice cream is calling my name!

the end to my end table hunt.

Kev and I had to do a room flip flop a while back.

And in the process I lost my living room end table to the new master.

It was ok while the Christmas tree took the place of the end table but once the tree was gone the corner where the end table had been was naked.


End tables are hard to come by.

I should correct myself, good, not made of particle board end tables that aren’t 400 dollars are hard to come by.

I thought I would hit my usual flea n’ tique shop or thrift shops a couple of times and find one but no luck.

The empty corner gnawed at my happiness every day.

I am a little OCD about things like that.

I always have been. Like as a kid I couldn’t just build a fort made of sheets and be happy. No, I had to furnish it for my make believe guests before I could play.

So obviously I had to find an end table before I could be happy in the living room ever again.

After several trips around town for a cheap and awesome end table with no luck I was ready to give up.

Then I was pin-spired. (Yes, I am aware that this blog is starting to become an ode to Pinterest)

I saw a picture of an upcycled cable reel that had been turned into an end table.

I was in love.

I just needed a cable reel.

Only problem, apparently cable reels aren’t easy to come by.

Some friends on facebook offered help which gave me some hope. But after a week or so of hunting and no tips via facebook I posted a want ad on craigslist.

It worked. The guy wasn’t a murderer and I walked away with two free cable reels. Win, win. Awesome.

When we got them home Kevin placed them in the living room expecting to see my cable reel high go into over load.

Instead it crashed and burned.

They were too short!

Really, really short.

I stacked them on top of each other and they ended up just looking like some weird cat climbing tree.

I tried to take them apart and preform some sort of cable reel surgery combining the two but little did I know cable reels are EXTREMLY well put together and do not come apart…ever.

Then while pouting around the house I had a crazy DIY epiphany.

We had an old office chair that we weren’t using since we nixed our office that had a base the same size as the cable reel, with wheels and a post that would stabilize the table.

I immediately deconstructed the chair.

Kevin looked at me strangely as I carried a chair base upstairs from the basement.

Once I put the cable reel on the base I swear I heard angels sing.

It was the perfect height and with a metal rod in the base it was sturdy and with our little climber/wannabe walker we need sturdy furniture.

I lightly sanded it and put some extra screws attaching the base to the reel and painted it with extra Martha Stewart low VOC Picket Fence White paint leftover from painting our cabinets forever ago.

And that was that!

It took me less than an hour to take it from ugly to fabulous and it was FREE.


to this!


I LOVE it.


our house pwned us.

Kevin and I love our home and love being homeowners but definitely miss being able to call a landlord to take care of the sticky business of being a homeowner (ie when it starts raining in your living room).

Kevin and I dreamed of living in the neighborhood we live in since we were in our sophomore year of high school. We knew we wanted an old house, we didn’t want cookie cutter new construction and we wanted a home we could make our own. Check, check and check.

So we bought our 105 year old fixer upper. The house cupid struck us. We saw the home of our dreams through the purple floral wall paper and neon green basement. Removing purple burber carpet and painting wasn’t a big deal. We knew we could handle that stuff. We got a home inspection when we bought the home and were assured we had made a good investment.

Little did we know the “dry basement” guarantee we got from our home inspector must have come with the side note *only when it isn’t raining. Who knew dry basement meant your own personal basement swimming pool anytime it sprinkles or snow melts. When I say pool I kid you not. I mean 2 to 3 feet of water. Ice cold scary, spidery, possibly electrifying water. Fun fact of the day: Spiders are even scarier when wet. We have gone through about 10 sump pumps since moving in 3 years ago.

Who knew that the electrical deemed safe would end up blowing out in 5 different sockets, light fixtures and our garbage disposal. When I say blow out I mean sparks fly out of the wall when you try to use it kind of blow out if you don’t undo the fuses. Oh and we need a new main line and panel for our house apparently. Yip-freaking-ee.

Who knew the roof we were told was in good condition and would not need replaced for at least 5 – 8 years would all of the sudden spring a leak which in one day would go from a small drip to a full on down pour in our living room during our record breaking rainfall this week. Oh plaster ceiling how I loath you.  After calling a roofer we discovered we couldn’t just patch it…we needed a whole new roof. Ouch.

These are all things we are battling now with our house. Things that make us cringe at the starry eyed 21 year olds who bought this house.

These are all things we couldn’t control and have to deal with. Then there are the things we could control and didn’t know any better.

Like our fence. I had always dreamed of a white picket fence. Little did I know we were going to live next to people with dogs who aren’t kept on a leash. These dogs not only could hop our fence with ease but regularly run all over our yard pooping and terrorizing our home. They have broken our front screen twice and hate our pugs. So letting the dogs out with a baby on my hip is not something I can do. A couple of years ago one of their dogs bit me and this past July Kevin and I were finishing our walk with Noah in our carrier and their small dog ran up and tried to snap at Noah’s feet but I held him up in the air. Risking the pugs and Noah isn’t an option so that big back yard we dreamed of goes unused. I really wish we could stick a 6 foot tall privacy fence all around our home. There is nothing like mowing your yard only to step in german shepard poop the size of your foot – WHEN YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A GERMAN SHEPARD! In hindsight I wish we would have spent the extra 5 bucks a panel and dropped the “white picket fence” dream for a dream that didn’t involve german shepard poop and a fear of your baby/pug’s face being ripped off by wild domestic dogs.

Then there are the projects. Oh the projects. Why in God’s name did we start forty thousand projects and only finish completely about….four. Thanks to young house love and HGTV ideas and projects filled our heads and our distain for pastel pink and teal bathroom tile drove us to at least knock it out so we didn’t have to look at the seafoam and princess pink every day. Then we realized oh…we have to put something back up…oh wait WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO TILE! Having a husband who works 60 hours a week and a 4 ½ month old doesn’t leave a lot of time (or energy) to work on the house.

I hate to complain. Hello – we own a house, in our dream neighborhood, we have done so much and come so far! I am thankful and lucky. But in good faith of writing this blog honestly I can’t just pretend our 105 year old house came without its share of ups and downs.

We have learned SO much, for example we now know how to tile (now if we could just find the time!).

We have a lot of project tied up but sometimes if we sit and think about needing a new roof and within the next year a new electrical line and panel. Very NON diy projects…you know if you like being alive….um hello anxiety attack. We are planners and when things like this happen and you see financial (i.e. a car to pay off, bills to pay, savings and oh a BABY!) and life plans go up in smoke it is a little disheartening.

It is all a live and learn experience. We truly love this house. This is the house we want to raise our family in. This is the house of our dreams. Sometimes we just wish we had a magic wand, a money tree or our very own live in Nate Bertkus.

ps. oh for those of you like me who didn’t realize what it means….pwned.

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I am dangerously obsessed with my newest hobby: pinning.

I had heard of Pinterest through the blogging grapevine. I had been sent a few invites and chalked it up to just another thing to do or manage. I figured google images had been working just fine for me when I needed some inspiration so why sign up for one more thing. But one day after reading Sherry’s love letters to Pinterest over at YHL I was taken back. She too had crazy reservations about Pinterest, all the same ones I had but now was hooked. I have a blog crush on YHL. Sherry is my hero and here she was professing her undying love for this website. So I casually (frantically) clicked on over, signed up and began my Pinterest luuurve fest.

At first pinning things on pinterest was just a way I passed the time while feeding Noah. I could easily glide through the glorious icons single handedly while Noah noshed.

But now I am a full blow pinning addict.

You know the annoying IPhone saying there is an “app for that” it should be “there is a pin for that” and instead of it being annoying it would be super awesome.

I check it morning, noon and night and a million times in between.

Pictures of tiny babies in pea pods, reclaimed wood dining room tables, inspiring quotes and pictures of crunchy fall leaves fill my screen when I log in and I am done for.

Pinterest is a collection of all good things in this world. Things you want to make, things you want to do, things you want to see or taste – all at the click of your mouse.

fall love on pinterest

It is like an online scrap book-to do list-inspiration hub. It is also a time vortex.

Once you log in, hours turn into minutes and you have boards filled with things you could have been doing in the three hours you spent pinning quotes about being productive.

I have already completed a couple Pinterest inspired projects around the house, so at least I am not just living vicariously on my Pinterest boards.

*Please ignore the awful light fixture… making fun a colorful flag bunting banner is funner than installing a light fixture…we are replacing it this weekend…and by we I mean Kevin.

**Also please ignore the bad lighting. the camera flash isn’t good for nap time and that is the only time I can snap a picture!

I have also gathered bazillions of ideas for games, toys, activity’s and projects to do with Noah.

Pinterest has also come in handy in other ways. Just the other night Kevin and I (the most indecisive people in the world) were trying to pick dinner. I typed dinner into the Pinterest search engine and gnocchi with red sauce popped up looking all scrumptious and Italian-y in all of its Pinterest glory and dinner was picked. Props pinterest.

I am over flowing with pinned ideas and pinning love, which I tend to purge on people.

Anyone who has been in ear shot of me in the past two months has been victim to my pinning persuasion. When I laid the Pinterest attack on my mom (she is now a proud pinner) I am pretty sure she thought I had joined some sort of cult.

Kevin lovingly lets me show him my boards and gush over things like sliding farm doors or the newest thing I have found to do with chalk board paint and occasionally he gets excited like when I find a pin to add to my ‘yummy’ board like peanut butter sheet cake.

Basically what I am getting at here, if you have not joined Pinterest – do it. It will change your life and suck up all of your free time…in a good way.

Now back to pinning.

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back to the DIY grind.

Things have been a little crazy here at casa de Teall.

Now that we have gotten into the swing of being parents we somewhat (very) reluctantly have gotten back in the swing of being DIYers again.

It was nice to have a break on the DIY front. As nice as it was to have days where we weren’t spackling, sanding, painting, sawing, hammering, etc. On the other hand it was not nice to see all of our little project loose ends all over our home.

We really have no idea what we are doing and each project we start usually involves 10 trips to Home Depot, an injury and quadruple the time
we thought it would take…and that was before the baby (and finding pinterest….I waste half my life on there)!

So forgive the lack of posting, I’ll make up for it with pictures soon!


While getting ready for the day..

Kevin: What is wrong?

Me: I am a frump.

Kevin: No you aren’t. Don’t talk about my wife that way!

Me: I look like Brittney Spears…the bad trashy version.

Kevin: A) you don’t B) as long as you don’t shave your head and start swinging umbrellas at anything we are good.


While out shopping..

Me: I have been looking everywhere for these!

Kevin: What?

Me: These scalloped white porcelain bowls.

Kevin:  You mean the golf ball bowls?

Me: Golf ball bowls?

Kevin: Yeah, look at them – they look like golf balls.

Me: If I call them golf ball bowls can I buy two?

Kevin: As long as when we refer to them we refer to them as golf ball bowls.

Me: Deal.


Who says you’re not perfect?

Yep. Stole that title straight from Selena Gomez. Judge away.

It is really weird when people think we live in a perfect bubble. Lets make one thing clear. Kevin and I are not perfect. I am pretty sure Noah is but then again I think his poopy diapers are perfect – sue me.

We fight. Hello, he is Italian and I am Irish. And it doesn’t help that we are both crazy stubborn. House projects take longer than expected, like when no home improvement store carries your ancient homes pipe fittings so now in the middle of taking out your kitchens garbage disposal you don’t have a kitchen sink any more (yay, fun). And sometimes we pretend chicken wings, pizza and a pint of ice cream are health food.

I don’t like to complain, sometimes I do (again not perfect) but I try not to. When the tough gets going we try to get the positive juices flowing (re-reading that I do realize that sounds a tad inappropriate/cheesy – but we are keeping it in to mix things up). So when Kevin has had a bad day at work and comes home I don’t make him jump right into hubby/daddy mode. I give him the nudge to take his P.O.ed self and have some “me-time” – to go kill things on Xbox or go for a run. That makes for a much happier hubby/daddy (and wife). And when I am still in my pj’s from a day ago, I have spit up in my hair and ate a bread sandwich for lunch because I couldn’t find the time to feed my piranha of a child and make lunch for myself he takes Noah and runs me a bath. It is all about the give and take, the bigger picture and the really important stuff.

The important stuff isn’t that I have two day old dishes in my sink right now it is that instead of doing those dishes Kevin and I took advantage of Noah’s early bedtime and had a date night in last night. I’ll take date night over dishes any day.

Yes, Noah misses naps and turns into Cranky McCrankerson and we have had our share of the obligatory sleepless nights with Noah.  But why complain? We have it pretty freaking good. We are still crazy in love and after over 11 years of being together we think that is pretty awesome. We have an amazing, healthy, happy baby boy. Our pugs are pretty cool and we live in a dream neighborhood, in our dream house.

I know that I am not perfect but thinking about how good my life is, that is some kind of perfect.

What makes your life perfect?

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After Kevin got off the phone with the insurance company and had to spell out everything to the not so helpful insurance agent..

Me: That was the most random word letter pairing I have ever heard…T as in toy, E as in Ear, A as in Ant and L as in log…twice.

Kevin: She couldn’t understand anything I was saying, I said Teall, like as in the color teal, she said ok Mr. Ree-oo-ul-AK.

Me: I can’t believe these people decide whether we quality for their insurance.

Kevin: Well, hopefully Mr. Reeooulak qualifies because I am pretty sure that is what is going to be on our insurance card.

We got a free coupon for a two liter of Sun Drop..

Me: What’s the verdict on the Sun Drop?

Kevin: Yellow.

Me: What?

Kevin: It tasted…well…yellow. And that isn’t a good thing.

Me: What color should it have tasted like?

Kevin: If you are going to taste like a color, go red or go home.

Me: I don’t think Sun Drop a citrus soda named after the sun would make much sense tasting “red”..

Kevin: Well, I don’t think Sun Drop makes much sense tasting like knock off moutian dew laced with pee. It tasted that yellow.

Me: Ok. Point made. No more Sun Drop.

Kevin: Why do you think they are giving it away for free?