After a night of running around trying to get some errands done without the kiddos for the first time in months. 

Kevin: I don’t know what to do with my arms when we are out without kids.

Me: I know it is like when you push your hands against a door frame and you let go and they just start to rise…I feel like I have to fight my hands from flailing around awkwardly.


Our handy man.

Noah is a little engineer.

Has been from day one.

He wants to know how everything works and how to make it better.

So it shouldn’t have really been a surprise that while we had him in the nursery with us putting together an Ikea bookshelf for the nursery that Noah saw us using tools and thought he would do the same.

He had been playing with different books and toys and we didn’t really think he was paying that much attention to us or what we were doing.

But then Kevin stopped me and pointed to Noah who had found the match to the tool we were using and had started to ‘tighten’ the other bolts on the book shelf and found matching bolts on the cribs (also from Ikea) and went to work.

Result, we have an adorable genius 😉

making sure the cribs are safe and sound for his brothers 🙂